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No Internet through a router

By tjharring ·
A friend of mine has cable modem access to the internet.
If you connect the cable modem directly to the computer it
works fine. When you connect the modem to the Linksys
router, and connect the system to the router it does not
go to the internet. I connected to the router with my
Win98 laptop and went surfing no problems.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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What OS is he using?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No Internet through a rou ...

This would prove helpful and some greater detail would not go astray either.

But as many others here would say you would get a faster responce if you where to post this in the Q & A section as it strictly isn't a discussion topic.

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connexion parameters

by FlemmingInc. In reply to No Internet through a rou ...

How does windows connect through the modem without the router? (ID username, password etc.)?
Normally you should configure your router to pass on this information to your Internet Provider through the modem...

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Connect the Computer to the Router

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No Internet through a rou ...

And just run the internet connection wizard again to get the connection.

Once this is done it will work but you can not setup the internet directly through the modem and then expect it to work through a router.

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The time of stupid questions ....

by MCS-1 In reply to No Internet through a rou ...

Sorry, have to ask the stupid questions first .. Are you configuring the Router to connect to the Internet? From what I'm reading here your friend is treating his router like a hub (which isn't the case). Most routers have a Web Based configuration which you use to connect to the net.

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by rpepper In reply to No Internet through a rou ...

Reset the cable modem and then the router in that order. That should work, when the router comes on line it will receive a sync from the modem and the timing will be correct.

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