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By Crb3k5 ·
Ok I had a bad virus infection on my desktop computer, I couldn't get rid of it with Anti-Virus programs so I decided to just format my computer with my WinXP SP2 disk. The internet worked fine, but slow on account of the virus, before I formatted my desktop. I also have a Labtop that I've formatted because it was getting slow and needed it, but now after the clean sweep the internet no longer works for the desktop. My setup was: Internet ~ Modem ~ Router ~ Computer(s) wired and wireless. I Have the two computers hooked up to the router via cable, the labtop and the Desktop and My Nintendo Wii through a wireless connection. So after the sweep using this same setup the internet works fine with everything except the Desktop. So I've tried doing the standard powering down for 60 seconds on each level before hooking up the next(turn off everything then turn on the modem, wait 60sec, turn on the router, wait 60sec, turn on the PC)... Nothing. I've tried hooking the desktop up directly to the modem... Nothing. I can't doing anything with Network COnnections because the Broadband connection doesn't even show up, I don't mean it says disabled, I mean it isn't even there. The Network Connections folder is empty. I'm out of ideas, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Driver Issue

by fleury29 In reply to No Internet

Sounds like a driver issue. You gonna want to find the driver for your network card. I don't understand what happened when you blasted you laptop, but it sounds as if there is no driver installed for your computer. Check the device manager to see if it has a '?' by any device that sounds like network card. Your gonna have to get the drivers from the laptop off the net if you cannot find a disk. But thats what it sounds like happened.

Hope this helps~

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No Obvious Driver

by Crb3k5 In reply to Driver Issue

Well Under the ?'s these are the things I found without drivers:
PCI Simple Communications Controller
Multimedia Audio Controller - Haha explains why I also don't have no sound
Other PCI Bridge Device
Video Controller(VGA Compatible)
and a Generic IEEE Printing Support

Now none of these scream Networking Card, but I did look up the PCI Comuncations Controller but that didn't seem to be it. So I don't know If I need to update a driver for something but I don't know which something. If it helps I have a W3118 Emachine, haha a computer that screams poor college student.

Well I did some searching and I think Onboard NVidia N-Force network controller is what I need a driver for, but I'm having trouble finding it. I'll get back to you as soon as I do and let you know if that was the problem.

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Do you mean motherboard drivers??

After a format and re-install you will need to load on your motherboard drivers. If you do not know them then give us your make of motherboard and we will search them for you then give you the link for you to download them.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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No, but maybe

by Crb3k5 In reply to Do you mean motherboard d ...

I was referring to my Network Card/Adapter as its not showing up in the device manager not even as a device without drivers, its not in there at all. But I didn't install drivers for the motherboard, for either the labtop or the desktop, but the labtop is fine, no problems with it so far. The desktop is the only thing that has shown a problem so far and that being the internet not working. I'm looking for my motherboard info right now so I'll post back with that as soon as a have it.

And here is what I got from HWinfo32, since Everest and Sandra wouldn't do it for me for some reason:

Manufacturer - First International Computer Inc.
Model # - K8MC51G
Chipset - nVidia GeForce 6100(C51)+MCP51

I went ahead and searched for the driver myself, found it, installed it, fixed the problem!

Thanks A Lot To Everyone!

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by chierrastahl In reply to No Internet

I'm havin the same issue if you get your problem fixed will you let me know

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