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NO IT, world comes to a stop within a month

By kujo1us ·
The world needs to understand that if IT went on strike then everything would just stop, no email, no access, not anything.
Unionizing would be the best thing to happen to IT if we could get our own Union, the Govt isnt going to protect us, they are happy keeping us as wage slaves, with a Union it is in their best interests to protect their members.

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Unions suck

by Forum Surfer In reply to NO IT, world comes to a s ...

Until the unions become power and money hungry like so many other unions. Then we're forced to pay exuberant dues or just not work. Next thing you know, some idiot is working a job you are more qualified for because his management doesn't want to pay the legal fees associated with firing a union member.

No thank you.

One more thing: Anyone can be replaced. Period. No one is that important at their job. People just think they are not replaceable right before they get replaced.

I hate unions. I've seen few occasions where they are beneficial to the work force. I have a friend who makes the same salary I do, which not to boast, but it isn't slave wages. What does he do? He puts tire labels on new tires. The guy is a friend, love him to death...but he doesn't deserve a salary like that for unskilled labor just because he got out of bed and came to work for the last 8 years.

I'm sorry, but you can keep your union. I'd prefer to work in a competitive environment like IT and continue educating myself so that I can ensure I make good money. I'd rather not pay some union schmoe for the right to work. I'd rather not lose a new job I'm applying for because someone else has more union seniority as opposed to qualifications for the job.


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Well how can I put this politely

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to NO IT, world comes to a s ...


We have that many incompetents within IT, it would be probably be better if they did all go on strike. It would make my job easier anyway. A union would protect those incompetents, in fact a union's most strident and active members would be the incompetents. Well I don't need you, bog off and flip burgers or something, all you are doing now is reducing my earning potential and irritating me.

I did 19 years in union, you are talking out of your arse.

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Succinctly and accurately stated

by DelbertPGH In reply to Well how can I put this p ...

I've worked for employers who thought little of me, but I never encountered any agency with so little respect for me as a union. The employer treated me like a pawn who needed to be made useful; the union treated me like I would never be of use to anyone. The employer gave me orders about work; the union told me how little to work, and gave me orders about everything else that the employer thought was none of his business. **** with that.

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The problem with unions

by LocoLobo In reply to NO IT, world comes to a s ...

is they inevitably are taken over by power-crazy, self-serving politicians. In my limited experience with them anyway.

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The problem with unions

by santeewelding In reply to NO IT, world comes to a s ...

Is secondary to a primary untenable: the world-view as advanced by kujo1us.

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No he'd be right for a very short period of time

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The problem with unions

if he got the union he wanted
across the globe,
before anybody noticed what was going on.

Reminds me of those silly films where a bunch of mad scientists took over the world to be thwarted by a vaguely sober Dean Martin.

So about a 100 minutes, and the last person on the closing credit, just after his white cat....

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I meant

by santeewelding In reply to No he'd be right for a ve ...

The world coming to a stop -- his initial premise.

Mine wouldn't. He might be the first one I field dress and cook in my ongoing desire to eat.

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Now come on I have it on the best authority

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I meant

that this CRUD app I'm working on is absolutely vital to humanity's continued existance.....

So did I.
A few people would have to make some adjustments, doesn't bother me either. My ambition was to be a landscape gardener anyway.

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a better option

by Jaqui In reply to NO IT, world comes to a s ...

would be to have a single, internationally recognized, certification board. It guarantees a certain level of skill, much as the apprenticeship programs for the trades do.

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What like MCSE you mean ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to a better option

That would be simply be rationalising the mess we have now, without fixing it .

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