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no locking handle found

By shortstuff ·
Hi Guys, I have a customer running 2.2 celeron, 256Mb 60Gb HD,windows XP pro. Yesterday she called to say she couldnt run any programs. Windows boots ok, but the programs wont run and it looks like the icons arnt associated with them. The error message she gets is 'Unlocker 1.6.1 - No locking handle found.'
Ive checked on here and on the web, and the only thing I can find is a program to actually unlock files etc ( Unlocker 1.81) which I will try today. However, she says she hasnt installed anything recently.
Any ideas what else would cause this? I know you can lock database files etc and other files if more than one account exsists but these are programs. The strange thing is it even does it with programs not resident on the computer, ( from a CD)so you can run anything. Its as though the O/S has been altered. As such I can't run systems restore either from the menu or program directly.
Any ideas??
many thanks

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to no locking handle found

If nothing new has been installed then the most obvious thing is some form of infection that is causing this.

I would try starting the unit in Safe Mode and see if it stays the same. If you can get programs to run an AV and Spy Ware scan should fix the problem.


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by zlitocook In reply to no locking handle found

There is another Trojan or virus what ever you want to call it. The encrypts files on the computer and it tells you to pay an amout of money to decrypt the files. Do you have a back up of her computer?
This sounds like ether a user error or a bad guy thing. Can you copy her files from explorer to an external drive? Like a flash drive or Ghost her drive and run a brute force on her computer?
Can you boot into safe mode and access the files or programs? I would worry if this computer is on the network or can access it.
Look to the net for this kind of thing, it will make you stop and backup at least once a week.

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by shortstuff In reply to

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by shortstuff In reply to no locking handle found

Hi Guys, running a virus scanner ( well 2 actually ) was the first thing I thought of, found 4 virus but hasnt cured the problem. Ive tried booting into safe mode and last known good config etc, still doesnt work. Ive also sent an email to the guy that created the program 'Unlocker' to see if he can shed any light on the subject. You can run the program in 'silent mode' which I think is whats hapening and is why I cant access it. The thing is I cant access the registry or startu to try and dissable it.
As for files she can access them fine, its just executables that wont run. backing her stuff up shouldnt be a problem, its just the pain of having to reinstall XP if I cant undo the damage.

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by wlbowers In reply to no locking handle found

Thats the hostage trojan. They encrypt database files then demand a payment to get the password.

Good Luck


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