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    No longer be able to login to console no


    by hta ·

    I have a Linux box that I was using it for IPCHAINS that I had not touch for a few months (I did not change configuration nor adjust rules on the firewall) but since yesterday it will not allow me to telnet to it. But since I was log into the console as root I tried to switch to another console using [ALT F3] and longin to the console it also fail. I when back to the main console to create a “temp” users and password to login and it also fail. When I type who on the only console session I have left it act like it does not see any session alive.
    It also does not know which run level it is in according to the log for the cron jobs.
    I then it down to restart but know I cannot log into it anymore.
    This is Linux 6.0 and I encounter this problem once before but I though it was a hard disk problem so I change the hard disk and reinstall from crash. But this time I need to know what to do because I can not afford the time to rebuild the entire system.
    Can someone tell me what I should to troubleshoot this pro

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      No longer be able to login to console no

      by zbrain75 ·

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      When your system begins to boot and you get the LILO prompt you can get a choice of boot options by pressing the TAB key (This assumes you have the LILO boot manager installed, which should be the case). Assuming the name you called your Linux system in the LILO selection was “linux”, type “linux single”.
      This will allow you to boot into a single user mode with root privileges. Then try setting your password again with the command “passwd root”. You will want to check your log files in the /var/log directory. Check /var/log/messages and /var/log/secure to see if there is any reason why your logins may have failed. Do you have any limits set on the length of time your passwords are valid? It’s possible your system may have some otherproblems that you may need help with. If so, feel free to e-mail me.

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