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No luck at establishing a VPN

By paul ·
I?ve been attempting to set up a VPN from my office to my home for a couple of months now. I have gone from people who say they know how to do it, to professionally paid personnel and still have no connection. You may ask ?Did the paid help do anything?? Well, I guess they did- they said that I have a VPN tunnel with a preshared key encryption on my business end. They gave me instructions on how to set up an IPSec on my home end. I?m going nuts and spending way too much money and time on this but I must be able to work at home for an extended period of time due to family.
Here?s what I have: on my business end I have a dell server that has a DSL modem and a Linksys BEFSX 41 router with a VPN endpoint. My desktop computer is connected to the server. At home I have three computers linked wireless to a Belkin Pre-N wireless router that states it allows VPN passthrough (I just bought this router because many told me to upgrade from my Dell 1184 wireless router). Anyway, I switched out the routers, configured my computers to it and all is running well at home. But I still cannot log into my office computer. The office server?s DSL connection has static IP when my home doesn?t. I know this isn?t new technology and I?m not so dumb to be unable to follow direction, it just seems I cannot get clear direction to make this connection. Is there anyone out there that can assist me? All desktops at both home and office are WinXP SP2. Going ballistic in SoCal.

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try using pptp

by jdclyde In reply to No luck at establishing a ...

much easier to setup.

If you decide you don't want that, you should go with a single vendor solution.

Does the befsx have a software client available for it? This would have to be loaded on your pc, as there is a big difference between vpn passthough and establishing a connection.

I fought with this myself, and it wasn't until I switched to the pptp that I was able to get it to EASILY work.

And this tunnel will only get you onto the LAN. You will need something for accessing the pcs if you need them, or connect directly to the server.

Advice to get a better answer, this should be posted in the Technical Question and Answer section, not as a discussion.

Good luck.

Have you called linksys? I have personally been very displeased with linksys support.

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Try accessing your VPN from somewhere else!

by Starscream In reply to No luck at establishing a ...

I had the exact same problem so I tried to access my VPN from my girlfriends place instead of work and it worked perfect. I could access my server and my desktop machines perfect. Turns out that it was my work internet connection blocking the ports that VPN runs on. I am currently trying to figure out another method as for security reasons they can't open the port. I am hoping there is a way to either change the ports that VPN runs on or to possibly use a proxy server but I do not know how to do either yet. Any VPN and port blocking help would be great if someone is up to speed in that field.

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You are not alone

by robbishort In reply to No luck at establishing a ...

Paul, I don't think you'll like this reply but I have to tell you that I'm strugling with the same problem since months ... 5 to be precise. It looks like the Belkin product (I have the same model) has a little problem. Infact I called them and (after days of long waits on the phone) a guy told me that I should have opened the right ports on the firewall. So I realized that the router internal firewall was not completely de-activated even when the Firewall flag was set to disable. Then I called the AT&T that is my VPN provider and asked them for the port number to open and they gave me some numbers. I modify the settings to include this ports and ... guess what, nothing happened. Sometimes the VPN starts and close after a few minutes. So we definitely have choosed the wrong product. The only way to connect is ... get rid of the router and connect directly to the DSL modem. Have you found anything else on this?

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Me Too

by Larabe In reply to No luck at establishing a ...

Your not alone. Im a telecom tech we bought product from Multi Tecg to set up a VPN and have asked for assistance with no understandable results. We do remote IP system wireless network connections and yet no one can seem to understand these directions. It's not you. The so called experts don't know and can't overcome any minor problem in set up.

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