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No mention of Netscape's Anniversary on TR?

By sjohnson175 ·,15114,1081456,00.html

Seems a pretty big deal to me.

It was certainly not the "birth of the internet" as the article says. I had been online for over a year already and that was actually a re-connect after leaving school from 19**-1994.

I was actually sending bitnet messages all over the world in 1990-**.

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Mosaic et al

by JamesRL In reply to No mention of Netscape's ...

I was using Mosaic in beta format well before Netscape. And of course using BBSs and Compuserve before that.

But in 1995 it was still difficult to convince some of the non techies that this thing would catch on. I would be embarassed to tell you some of the stories from the telecom giant I used to work for.....


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