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No Modem installed?

By nikita2525 ·
i ordered a custom built PC for X-mas, with Windows XP. Plugged in monitor, mouse, speakers and phone line, Windows boots properly, but when adding my internet through the wizard, Windows does not detect any modem. Connections are fine. Now, i have the invoice and it says a MDM 56k v.90 PnP CNR Riser, was installed and i paid for it! Is this a problem with Windows, do i have to do something or did i get ripped?

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by TheChas In reply to No Modem installed?

Was the port for the phone line a normal phone jack size, or wider?

If it was wider, they may have installed a network card instead of the modem card.

Otherwise, the drivers for the modem may need to be re-installed.

Start by looking in device manager and seeing if your modem is listed.
Right click on My computer.
Select properties,
Click on the hardware tab.
Click on device manager.

If the modem is not listed, it may be defective, or not plugged in properly.

Since this is a new system, I would contact the manufacture and have them provide any further directions so as to NOT void your warranty.


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by nikita2525 In reply to

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by nikita2525 In reply to No Modem installed?

There is a wider jack, nearer the power plug, but there are also 2 phone jacks, one of which i am trying to use. Tried both. Device manager shows no modem at all. i did order it, with a network card and also paid for testing before shipping. With this info, do You still feel Your closing comment is the way to go?

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by CG IT In reply to No Modem installed?

I also agree with TheChas...notify the company you bought it from that the modem does not work and return for warranty repairs. If it's new then it's under warranty.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to No Modem installed?

Yeah, TheChas is right on the money on this. They didn't load the modem drivers, or it is not firmly plugged into the motherboard, so that XP can't auto-detect it.
Don't open the case to check and see, as for that might invalidate your warranty. Contact wherever you bought the machine from, and have them get you a replacement. Since the computer is only a couple of days old, there is no reason why they should not take care of this for you.

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by chien_yang In reply to No Modem installed?

I suggest that you should plug-in your modem to another computer to comfirm that the modem can work properly or not. Because, normally when you switch on the modem and plug to the computer , WINXP will detect the hardware automatically and install the driver. or else , you should check the "mainboard BIOS" to enable the "parallel port, serial port, USB port which your modem need to plug-in.

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by donmars In reply to No Modem installed?

Many possibilities exist. If device manager shows no modem then the thing was never installed! It should at least show a modem with a red line through it. Was this unit shipped in the mail to you? One guess is going to be the modem came loose during shipping. Save yourself a headache and open the cabinet and seat the modem properly. Turn the unit off remove the ac line cord and invert the box a couple of times. You may hear a screw (modem card screw) rolling around inside and if so, you were very lucky not to have fried stuff! I will bet this is not a Dell or Compaq or IBM product, which is fine it is just that these brand X custom jobs, specially for the Christmas rush sometimes screws are not tight enough or not even in! Go with the simple stuff first. The larger "phone socket" you refer to is the network connection, RJ45. 2 smaller jacks are the phone modem, RJ44. One goes to the phone line in the wall and is marked "line" the other you disregard or plug your phone set into it for use since the socket on the wall is taken up. You say you paid for testing?! That is not included?!! Wow. If the modem is fully seated then you should go no further, contact the assembler about a warranty situation.

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by nikita2525 In reply to No Modem installed?

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