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No monitor signal means HD failed?

By teaching4u ·
This morning without notice my PC screen was flickering, faded and fuzzy. I had seen this happen a few times before in the past few months and a reboot usually fixed it. (I thought it was my VGA card going out.) But the PC wouldn't reboot; it stopped at the first screen where you have the option to enter BIOS and freezes there. I tried a hard boot several times but got the same thing. Then my monitor went black. I tested the monitor on another PC and the monitor is still alive so I tried a different video card... same thing, black screen that says no signal. Now when I power on/off there is NO ACTIVITY at all on my PC; no CD or floppy lights and no noise at all from the HD. Before I buy a new HD... can anyone confirm that this, in fact, a HD failure? Would that cause my screen to read no signal? And, lastly, is that why the PC no longer reads the CD and floppy?

Please advise. I have a lot of work to get done and need my PC back!


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by mjd420nova In reply to No monitor signal means H ...

To confirm if it's the hard drive keeping the
cpu from booting, disconnect the power cable to
it. If still no boot, or video bios on the
screen, then the power supply is bad.

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by Nilt In reply to No monitor signal means H ...

While unlikely, it is possible. I've seen it happen with CD drives anyhow. One other possibility is that the IDE channel is wonky which is a bit harder to diagnose. Try unplugging the HD and see what happens as advised above. If it sems better then, if possible, plug the HD into a different system and see if it's recognized. It likely wouldn't boot into Windows unless the other rig is close to identical, though, so it's best to do it as a secondary drive on that test rig.

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by Nilt In reply to

Forgot to add: it's much more likely to be a bad power supply based on the symptoms you described. The screen flickering, etc, could mean the voltages are varying. It'd be a very good idea to have the power supply tested to verify proper voltages. You can get a tester for this yourself at most "big box" stores or local computer shops. They run around $20 US and you plug the power supply into it then it tells you if the power supply is providing proper voltages.

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by Nilt In reply to

HAL's correct in that the testers can allow heat to build up since some power supplies rely on motherboard signals to power on the coling fans.

I should have added a link to the tester I personally use, too. For under $20 it also allows you to test the power from the molex and floppy plugs.

You can find these things almost anywhere nowadays, even at Target(!) and almost any <shudder /> "big box" store like Fryes or Best Buy.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No monitor signal means H ...

My best guess would be power supply and even if you get a PS tester they are very basic most just have a LED and a shrink wrapped pack that gets very hot if left running for any length of time and can be a bit misleading if that is the only thing that you use. They will tell you imediatly if it's dead or alive but if it comes out as working you then meed to take voltage readings off one of the 4 pin connectors and make sure that you have the 5 V DC and 12 V DC avilable. You should do this quickly as the PS Testers have a warnign on them that they are not to be left running for long periods of time.

The warning reads like this Unplug any devices connected to the PS before testing due to potential overheat and FIRE HAZARD.

This tester will generate heat. Don't leave the tester connected to the Power Supply unattended.

While it couldbe other items particurly if there is a lot of dust inside the case the most obvious thing is that the cooling fan in the PS has failed and been allowing a component to over heat for quite some time now and finially allowed it to die.


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