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No more credit monitoring for vets?

By Nathank ·
Veterans whose personal information was stolen on May 3rd have had their 1 free year of credit monitoring revoked by the Bush Administration. The government decided to revoke the $160.5 million option because the laptop was recovered and it appears like nothing on either the laptop nor external hard drive were accessed.****72/

While the government has assured us that neither has been accessed, they have not told us specifically how they know the data remained private. It took them over a week just to tell us just how the laptop had been recovered. Almost seems like there is quite a bit that they are not telling us.

One of the reasons for this has to include getting back at the VA office for their actions. The government has criticized the VA office for their poor security measures, especially with laptops, In addition, the VA waited 2 full weeks before notifying the government of the theft. While the security was very lax, the government did not establish any distinct regulations on laptop security until recently.

No matter what the reason may be, all of those 26.5 million vets still deserve free credit monitoring. Even if the Gov is 110% sure that the data wasnt accessed, the vets should still recieve some benefits for their troubles. Vets should not take even MORE heat from the government because of what the VA office did. While vets are still involved within the VA office, they still were considered government employees while in service.

Now is that really a great way to treat your former employees?

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Do What's Best For Vets

by marileev In reply to No more credit monitoring ...

If htere is even a small chance of say 1% of that information escaping and being used for ID theft, Vets should still get the free credit reports.

They go in harms way for our National Security, can't we Americans help safeguard their financial security.

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Two-faced government...

by mroonie In reply to No more credit monitoring ...

So what do they plan to do if later they find that an individuals' information was misused? Do they ensure that there will be some sort of coverage then, or is this cheap act of revoking credit monitoring final?

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if identity theft does occur on a particular veteran and the gov said that there's no way of proving it was because of the missing laptop. Therefore no financial assistance will be provided. Our gov is so shady like that, they're only worried about saving face....

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Government "recommends"

by milal In reply to No more credit monitoring ...

The government actually still hasn't exactly established security "requirements" for portable devices. What the OMB Memorandum outlines are simply "recommendations".
I do agree that the government's actions to revoke credit monitoring for the 26.5 million vets are appalling.
If they don't want to spend that money to ensure safety from identity theft for millions of people, government organizations need to invest in proper security measures instead.

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Whats new?

by James Speed In reply to No more credit monitoring ...

As a permanently disabled military veteran I was VERY concerned about that incident. While in the military I held a Top Secret clearance (Naval Intelligence), if I had lost something like that I would STILL be in Levinworth prison! People these days dont think, and those indescretions cost others dearly.

So...again...whats new... its the VA!

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Take Care of the Vets

by dand In reply to No more credit monitoring ...

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are 150,000+ homeless Vets on the street and more coming home to that every day.

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Sir, you have misrepresented the news,

by royhayward In reply to No more credit monitoring ...

Which happens so often with people bent on Bush bashing. Here is the quote from that article that you yourself offered as a reference:

"In a letter to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, White House budget director Rob Portman said he was canceling his office's request " (****72/)

You see the Whitehouse doesn't have all of this power to give and take away that people keep saying that it does. Bush is not a King. Congress has this power, and Bush has to make requests for them to spend the money on this, just like everything else.

If the money is not needed because the services are not needed, then please lets not spend $160.5 million. I think with all the spending that Bush is getting criticized for, this was a good move.

This in no wise stops Congress from continuing to fund this, as I am sure that the veterans groups are going to make their own requests. And as elections for them are coming up, I am sure Congress will spend the money anyway.

But please, there are plenty of real issues that we can criticize the president for, lets stick to those.

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