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No more double clickability!

By brifd1 ·
Mac OS X.5
Power PC (non-Intel) G5
Recently, my mouse stopped working. Temporarily, I used a mini mouse, but it was erratic. Then, I bought a new Logitech mouse, but double clicking does nothing, nada, zilch. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software. I contacted Logitech support. Nothing's worked. I've decided to return that mouse. In the meantime, I went back to my original single-button mouse. Talk about going backwards in time! But, it does nothing when I double click, now, too. What could possibly be the culprit??? Thanks for your help/suggestions!

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Face it

by santeewelding In reply to No more double clickabili ...

You're screwed. Go, now, and die, seeming as so this is so important. We will hold a service in your, brief, honor.

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WTF was this comment for?

by patb071 In reply to Face it

Do you know all the keyboard shortcuts for OS X? The Question wasn't i need to hack a password but that their mouse does not work. I believe you should take you retarded *** comment and go kill yourself.

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calm it!

by .Martin. In reply to WTF was this comment for?

sure santee's comment was a bit harsh, but a nice calm comment would have sufficed, lashing out at him makes you just as bad.

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so is starts off working?

by .Martin. In reply to No more double clickabili ...

in which case it could be OS X that is screwing up.

time for a reinstall of OS X.

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