No more than 128GB recognized on a 500GB SATA HDD in Win2k Adv Server.

By Jasper75 ·
I've installed Service Pack 4, but still can't see more than 128GB. I've downloaded controller drivers, etc. from Dell's site (the system is a Dell Dimension 8300), but it requires a floppy drive to install and the system doesn't have one. Furthermore, Windows XP recognized the full 500GB, so it isn't a motherboard issue.

Any ideas?

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USB floppy

by CG IT In reply to No more than 128GB recogn ...
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You got THAT right!

by Jasper75 In reply to USB floppy

Thanks for the link; I'll definitely be getting one soon!

This issue was resolved by another post - setting a reg entry - but the usb floppy would be a great idea. I've been out of the field for about 2 years and I remember using one quite frequently...esp for laptops.

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Driver Issues

by TheChas In reply to No more than 128GB recogn ...

I see that Dell only lists Windows XP drivers for this system.

You will need proper Windows 2000 drivers for both the chip-set and the Promise SATA controller to get your drive to function properly.

If you can identify the specific Promise controller, you should be able to download a driver from Promise.

As to the floppy drive issue, the self extractor was most likely written to extract the files and write them to a floppy for normal use when installing Windows.

What you should be able to do on any other computer that has a floppy drive, is create the floppy and then copy the extracted driver files from the floppy and install the SATA driver from the hard drive on the system.


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Dunno if that would be it...

by Jasper75 In reply to Driver Issues

Windows 2000 should have the hardware drivers already in its generic list...especially with SP4 installed. The response after yours actually resolved the issue - I just needed to add a registry entry. Thanks for looking into it, though! I'll definitely keep in mind extracting files to a floppy on another system, then just copying them to the HDD for later use :)

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Verify the registry key

by IC-IT In reply to No more than 128GB recogn ...

I forget if the SP is suppose to write this to the registry or if it had to be done manually.

Check out this article;

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That was it!!

by Jasper75 In reply to Verify the registry key

Thanks a bunch! I did have SP4 installed, but I guess it doesn't automatically update that registry entry.

It required a restart (duh) but none of the symptoms described in the article have occurred...I now have access to all information that was on the HDD and no corruption (as of yet) has been experienced.

Thanks for the tip :)

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Windows 2000

by Mehul Bhai In reply to No more than 128GB recogn ...

I think Windows 2000 doesnot support 500GB HDD, whatever the SP be or either it is Server or Professional but Windows XP does. I do not knpw the exact limits for both though.

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Windows 2000

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Windows 2000

You can have maximum first partition of 137GB and OS has to be installed in the First partition.

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Check post above "Verify Registry Key"

by Jasper75 In reply to Windows 2000

Win2K actually can recognize and use more than 137GB; after adding the proper regkey, I am able to use the full 500GB on my SATA HDD.

Thanks for looking into my inquiry, though :)

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Check post above "Verify ...

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