no mspaint.exe

By haasteam ·
i even tryed to reinstall it with an XP disk..
i am also getting a reference memory error. maybe that would be the cause. i could try debugging but im not familiar with it cuz i never debugged manually b4 except in dos.
basically i have no bmp. no microsoft paint. if you can a solution send em here. thanks

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need more info

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to no mspaint.exe

What happens when you try to run MSPaint? Does it start and crash? Is there even an icon on the start menu TO start it? Can you locate the mspaint.exe file and double click it to run it? What happens then?

What is the reference memory error, specifically?

You say you "have no bmp". Does that mean you can not open BMP files, or that you don't have any of them on your system? If you're saying you can't open them, what happens if you right click and tell it to "open with", then select the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer or even trying to select MSPaint? Perhaps, all you have is file association problem?

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more info

by haasteam In reply to no mspaint.exe

okay the error for memory reference is on the program cw shredder and im sure it has nothing to do with the fact that i have no paint. i tryed to reinstall it with an xp disk and cannot find the download for paint online as well. basically i have no paint program at all and have no idea why

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Has it been removed

by Dumphrey In reply to more info

through GP? Are you ina domaine or on a stand alone computer?

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stand alone

by haasteam In reply to Has it been removed

click "start", than click "control panel"
click "add or remove programs"
click "add/remove window components:
click " accessories and utilities" click "accessories"
put the check mark by "paint" by click on the box (if the box have the check mark than it is already installed on your system)
click OK or accept on all the menu and than it should work.

but nothing is there for paint when i goto accessories so i assume yeah it has been removed.. i think someone may have tampered with my computer while i was out and didnt have my password up??????
help still no paint

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