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No news on SteamOS?

By Slayer_ ·
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Surely Jack should be researching the crap out of it.

We even have nVidia helping valve build steamos and create a direct3D to OpenGL wrapper for Linux so that windows games can be more easily ported.

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Steam OS.

by cchristolini In reply to No news on SteamOS?

Like most things valve does we just have to wait. Often times the end result is worth it. My only hope is that steam OS is not ubuntu based as I would hate to see an entire ecosystem stuck on mir and/or unity based systems. Especially if the current dashboard in steam is any performance indicator.

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A follow up question

by cchristolini In reply to No news on SteamOS?

A follow up question to this is what do you think about the new wine improvements?

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Sorry reply is still broken

by Slayer_ In reply to No news on SteamOS?

More than likely it is Ubuntu based.

But they said they are releasing the code, so other distros will be rolled with different default desktops.

And the improvements will probably be rolled into other Ubuntu based Distros like Mint.

As for Wine, we know Valve with nVidia is working on a directX wrapper for Linux so that game devs can use this wrapper to quickly port games.
I expect Wine will become transparent, and programs and games on SteamOS won't be distinguishable between Wine and native.
You just click Play and it launches.

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This sounds extremely...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to No news on SteamOS?
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No news on SteamOS

by harveywilkins In reply to No news on SteamOS?

I agree it was exciting which reminds me when i was working in Finland where we are using Microsoft dynamics ax and some human resources at .I never been use linux and seem that pretty interesting if i see this one.

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