No one has mentioned....

By ZDNet_crx ·
...that most of the "free apps" from MS (unless they are designed to kill competition) involve giving MS access to your PC. I allowed some "live" ID thing on my PC last year and it was used to deactivate account downloads on my version of MSMoney (which was originally sold withOUT the so-called "retirement" "feature" of downloads that now is used to try to force you to pay them again every year for a "new" version - whether you like the old one better or not. It told me that feature had "expired" and wouldn't I like to buy the app again in their new version? Fortunately I drive image daily (and save my critical images) and was able to completely recover by replacing all the data on my system drive (putting me back to BEFORE I installed the "WinLiveID" or whatever its called). They lied when they said the feature had expired, it still works fine. What they did was use their access via the "live" thing to vandalize my program and my financial file. Be VERY careful of MS supposedly "free" software - MS is not ethical - they ALWAYS have an ulterior motive to get something from you or from a competitor. You're safe from this kind of invasion if you have XP SP2 (and use free ZoneAlarm, free AVAST anti-virus, free Spywareblaster, etc.) - but if you put XP3, or Windows "Live" anything, but especially Vista or Windows 7 on your machine, then be aware that it is not "YOUR" machine any longer. MS controls it - you just get to pay for their platform.

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You've just now

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to No one has mentioned....

discovered this?
Oh. And no. You're not 'safe' with XP any version. OS activation started with XP before SP1 was released.

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Read Your EULA

by TheChas In reply to No one has mentioned....

If you take the time to actually read the End User License Agreement that comes with most software packages, you will "discover" that all you have purchased is a limited and restricted ability to "USE" the software for an unspecified period of time.

Aside from switching over to only open source Linux systems and applications, your only option to "protect" your perceived rights to the software is to NEVER connect your computer to the Internet.


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RE: NEVER connect your computer to the Internet.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Read Your EULA

Actually if WGA is installed this option doesn't work either.

After 60 Days on no new updates being received/Installed the System will report that it is not Genuine and lock you out of the OS.

Only way around this is to reimage the system as that Image is corrupt and not recoverable. It was/is a problem here for those who only had/have Dial Up Internet and didn't want all of their available Bandwidth to be consumed with Windows/Microsoft Updates. But in one case a system not turned on for 3 months while it's owner was undergoing Heart Bypass Surgery did exactly the same thing when it was eventually restarted.

M$ tech Support couldn't believe that someone would not have need to turn on their computer for a few months and thought it was acceptable to Kill the OS. In that case at least it didn't report the Product Key to M$ to be Marker for replacement though.


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that makes me miss w2k

by .Martin. In reply to RE: [i]NEVER connect your ...

never had that problem with windows 2000

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I'm not sure about sp3 hurting anything.

by Ron K. In reply to No one has mentioned....

I've done the Windows Live thing too. No problems.

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