No online game can connect, but I can surf the web

By Arachia ·
Okay I am doing rentavation on my sisters 1930's house that has no cable, phone, or internet. however the tiny town(about 4-700) has wifi and the nieghbor across the street had a special cable line ran to his place. He has a wireless router that I can get on, since the town will only let work places and year long residents the password.

The town's wifi has WEP and I have been told I can't have access since it is my sister that lives there not my and she can only at work until she been there for a year. I could crack it but I rather not.

The nieghbor's wifi I can get if I put the laptop right next to the window. I get -79 to -74 DB which is low to moderate with 11 to 32MBpS. the laptop is a hp pavilion zd8000 and has XP on it and and a G card (Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN) in it. It logs on games and what not fine at other locations. The windows firewall is off.

The nieghbor has a netgear WGR614v6 wireless g router.

I can't log on any game, goverment site, or SecondLife. the last two are the ones that really matter yhe games like savage, Halo demo, or Requiem: bloody mare (most likly the first two) would be nice.

I can log in some browser based games and email sites, aka runescape, myspace, hotmail yes v.s. my sisters facebook and her college account no.

I can download anything at same speeds I get on a good cable line.

Is there a program that would scan the internet connection and tell me hat is being block at what port or at what lvl. Iam tsing networking class but either I am missing something or this is a new problem. I might be able get him to put me on the DMZ, but my pc is always on even though the always on dmz pc at my home has fewer bugs then my most heavly protect on and off pc, so I guess that is mre trying to ask him if would do that for me.

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Mmm - let's get one thing straight right away ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No online game can connec ...

Does this old duffer across the road from you actually KNOW that you are lifting his wireless signal? Judging from your elaborate storyline I'm erring on the side of caution.

Sadly, even if this poor bloke DOES agree to you slicing into his available bandwidth, you will only be able to do so while he himself is online. When he shuts his system down, your wireless icon will report "Limited or No Connectivity" and this will continue until the neighbour boots up again AND GOES ONLINE.

If the neighbour is on his computer locally (not online) you will get zero signal. Period.

Now - irrespective of whether this arrangement is legal or not - your system is only ever getting a SHARE of this bloke's bandwidth, and your share takes the subservient position in the electronic food chain. So when the neighbour goes online to play some kind of MMORPG, he'll get all the bandwidth that you've been using - there's no way round this because his IP address is superior to yours.

When you try to play an online game, you can reach the game's website but as soon as you attempt to connect (in GAME MODE) the game's website can only send back the data for the game to your neighbour, because THAT is where the connection came from.

That is the way of the electronic world and there's not a lot you can do about it. If you wish to take up arms against your new neighbour in 'The Art of Wardriving' (playing on the works of Sun Tsu), I suggest you bone up on your campaign by delving into some reading material...

I think this response is sufficiently middle-of-the-road that I cannot be deemed to have taken sides in this matter which could very well end up with you in Court, perhaps even in Prison, where you will undoubtedly have LEGAL access to the internet many hours of each day, depending on how well you've been treating your new friend - Big Louie.

Edited coz I forgot the link !!

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He knows

by Arachia In reply to Mmm - let's get one thing ...

He lets me on because he knows how much it cost to get internet out here. the pole tthat the cable is on stop at the house before his and so this plase that is at the nd of the street would need another pole/ 100-200 feet of cable. my siser was pissed when they came out and then told her that they would not able to do it since it s beyond the standred install, unless she paid for the material and labor.

Of course the nieghbor saw what was happening and once they left said he would be willig to move his wireless router so we might be able to pick up the signal.

the router is always on and we currently always can get internet just can't log on to games or the sites that have special secure log ons or open their page in a slightly different browser.

What you are teling me maks no sense. you are saying I can only be on if he is on. he has the same wireless in parts of his house that i have over here.

Isn't the wireless router normaly alway on? he doesn't have to reconnect the router every tie he goes online. I am guessig you are on a phone ine service that must be diald every time you want to do something.

The iternet is igh speed cable and it and the router ae always on. I havd/have the same setup at mymoms house I think bt i don't have logging trouble there.

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RE: "unless she paid for the material and labor" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to He knows

That's rather odd.

So the local authority has relaxed the ruling that "will only let work places and year long residents" onto the scheme?

Also rather unseemly that officially your sister was "pissed when they came out and then told her that they would not able to do it since it s beyond the standred install, unless she paid for the material and labor."

Or have I misunderstood? - Does you sister get inebriated a lot?

In answer to your question - no, I'm not on Dial-Up. I myself had to pay British Telecom close on 200GBP to have a Dataline installed into my domicile so that it could support my present 10MB DSL. I now have a monthly levy for both my BTtelephone line and for my Virgin Media ISP.

This perhaps illustrates why I get annoyed by scrotes using someone else's wireless signal FOR NO GOOD REASON.

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maybe you miss understood

by Arachia In reply to RE: "unless she paid for ...

1. this is a small ralroad exchange town in usa
2. the town has wireless broadcasted from a tower because
3. only 75% of the houses have phone and cable
4. th nieghbor knows he is th end of the line house and that it would take 10GB of bandwidth in a day before he runs ut of bandwidth so
5 he lets the nieghbors further down the street to use his wireless so long as they aren't doing stuff like streaming live video and outhersuper high bandwidth usage stuff
6. I am primarly doing WORK and web browsing on this connection, (though the retrided guy tell me he plays runescape on the wireless he picks up from the other guy.) my biggest thing today is sending my programig class assignments in.
Finally 7. I was just trying to see if setting my MAC on th wireless DMZ would work so I can get back to my online work at creating a virtual PC in the sciland on secondlife (that is a virtual recreation of a PC for educational usage)

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I'm guessing that's your problem

by dpalsen In reply to No online game can connec ...

I would suspect that the required ports are blocked on the neighbor's router. Go talk to him, and let him know that he needs to unblock the ports (assuming he knows you're using his bandwidth).

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I know that

by Arachia In reply to I'm guessing that's your ...

yes i know i need to open ports but there are most likly hundreds that I woud need to get open to fix everything and i would have reserch each one every time I want to get another log on working. Second life has 5-10 ports, my sisters work stuff is around looking at being around 30 ports.

I was looking for a better method that et everything work. ecuity on the internet pc i have is no problem since it is reghosted whenever i get trouble some and what little I add to it is on flashdrives and external media.

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I know that

by balge In reply to I know that

you should turn a firewall on, set it to inform you when it blocks a port, then allow your app to use that port

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I checked the ports with shields up

by Arachia In reply to No online game can connec ...

Okay I have a HP pavillion laptop with xp. We are connecting to the neighborhood WiFi that has a NETGEAR WGR614 54 Mbps 802.11g Wireless Router. I can get to anything through the web browser fine, but can not log on any server like a game or an IM. However when my borther come with any other laptop. He is on a MMO in five seconds flat.

I want to be able to get on the chat server for my college and get on Second Life to do my programing.

I went to "shields up" and they say that all my ports are stealthed and my PC is so secure it might as well not exist, which for me is the case since the pc might as well not exist it is next to worthless.

I would like to open practically every blasted port so I can get work done. Yet I would like to know how this happen so that I can use it on another pc to make it super secure like this one is in the future.

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