No online game can connect, but I can surf the web

By Arachia ·
Okay I am doing rentavation on my sisters 1930's house that has no cable, phone, or internet. however the tiny town(about 4-700) has wifi and the nieghbor across the street had a special cable line ran to his place. He has a wireless router that I can get on, since the town will only let work places and year long residents the password.

The town's wifi has WEP and I have been told I can't have access since it is my sister that lives there not my and she can only at work until she been there for a year. I could crack it but I rather not.

The nieghbor's wifi I can get if I put the laptop right next to the window. I get -79 to -74 DB which is low to moderate with 11 to 32MBpS. the laptop is a hp pavilion zd8000 and has XP on it and and a G card (Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN) in it. It logs on games and what not fine at other locations. The windows firewall is off.

The nieghbor has a netgear WGR614v6 wireless g router.

I can't log on any game, goverment site, or SecondLife. the last two are the ones that really matter yhe games like savage, Halo demo, or Requiem: bloody mare (most likly the first two) would be nice

I can log in some browser based games and email sites, aka runescape, myspace, hotmail yes v.s. my sisters facebook and her college account no.

I can download anything at same speeds I get on a good cable line.

Is there a program that would scan the internet connection and tell me hat is being block at what port or at what lvl. Iam tsing networking class but either I am missing something or this is a new problem. I might be able get him to put me on the DMZ, but my pc is always on even though the always on dmz pc at my home has fewer bugs then my most heavly protect on and off pc, so I guess that is mre trying to ask him if would do that for me.

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