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No Operating System found

By chris webb ·
I have been given a pc to try and fix that apparently has Windows 2000nt on it. When booting and in the post test, the message 'no operating system' appears. I have read that this is when there are missing boot sector files and that i need to user the recovery disk to sort this problem out which will enable the operating system to load...can anyone advise?

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by LiamE In reply to No Operating System found

Prior to the 'no operating system' message is the HDD being successfully detected? If its not - open the case and check the power and data cable connections. Change the cables if that doesnt work. If changing cables doesnt work try the HDD in a different PC - if that don't work its dead.

If it is being detected try booting from a floppy with fdisk on it and running that with /mbr option. If that doesnt work - windows setup and the repair option that needs the disk that no one has or a fresh install are your options.

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by LiamE In reply to

Did I say fdisk? Forget that - put chkdsk on the floppy and run that instead!

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by jordanspcrepair In reply to No Operating System found

you can do what liamE said, and if that don't work, then you might check in bios to see if the computer doesn't have the quick boot feature enabled if the bios and computer is capable of that feature. the same thing will happen sometimes with windows xp installed.

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by RazorEdge In reply to No Operating System found

Check the individual pins on your HD, where they connect to the cable to see if any of them are bent. If so, be VERY CAREFUL in re-aligning the pin! (Use a credit card to move the pin). A missing pin can cause what you described.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No Operating System found

What you are describing can be down to two items one is the HDD itself either becoming corrupt or it's died or the Controller has failed.

If the BIOS will not recognise the HDD they it's a fair bet that the drive is dead but if the BIOS sees the drive but will not boot from it then either it's been corrupted or it has died a natural death.

I would depending on what tools you have available my first option would be to insert a copy of a live Linux into the CD ROM and boot from that Knoppix will allow you to read any NTFS Drive and see if it's formatted correctly. Failing that you could try the drive makers testing utility or even the Ultimate Boot CD to do some testing.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

I'm taking it for granted that you have already checked the physical connections.

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by mohdkurniawan In reply to No Operating System found

Hi there.. I faced this problem before.. u have to try to enter the fdisk. check wheter the active partition still ok or not. if not, my suggestion is buy new hdd..

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I have the same problem

by davyk In reply to

I have the same problem I have put a new hard drive in and the bios recognises it ( which it didnt with the dead one) and I still get the no "operating system found" message. The disk has some sort of MBR loader on that starts to run and the message comes in just after this.

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Try below option

by In reply to

Even i faces the same scenario, i just went into the BIOS settings and changed the Configuration Settings to DEFAULT, Luckily this worked for me.

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Here are the steps you can try

by nentech In reply to No Operating System found

1. You need to check that PC has the hard drive installed
This can be checked in the bios setup
The bios is the program that starts the PC and loads the Operating system (Windows)
Most computers show something like this on the screen
?Press del to enter setup?

2. You need to check if the hard drive has an active partition
This can be done with the windows 2000 disk
Just use the bios setup to choose the boot order
Set the cd/dvd drive to boot first
Some PCs give you a boot menu

3.You need to have a bootable Operating system installed on the hard drive
Again you can use the windows 2000 disk

No Operating System found

Can mean the hard disk has been formatted and there is no bootable Operation system

It can mean there is no active partition on the Hard drive

It can be missing the start-up files

A virus can cause these things

Things we need to know from you

Do you have the Windows 2000 disk(CD)

Do you have the product key
It looks like this (12345-67890-ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO)
Those are not the right numbers or letters so don?t try them
It may be on a sticker on the computer case
Do not write the code in any of your replies

Do you know what was the last thing to happen to the Pc before it failed?

Some one will help you if you get back with some answers

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