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    No Packets Received on Workgroup Network


    by lighterc_1998 ·

    My problem is that i cant get into the workgroup network and to the internet at night time w/c never happened before and bit strange that at day time its ok.Even though the connection icon is on, i cant get connected.And on the activity menu theres no bytes received, only sent bytes. My computer is on a workgroup-network.We share DSL connection through this network, funny thing is that my pc is the only one disconnected at night and this happens usually at certain time-around 7~8 pm but everything is fine again at daytime.I dont know if its a scheduled task of my pc, or a security setting of windows(WINXP Prof) or my anti-virus(TREND MICRO PICI-CILLIN INTERNET SECURITY 2006).Please do help me about it…thanks in advance

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      Reply To: No Packets Received on Workgroup Network

      by spit01 ·

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      Maybe your System Admin. knows about it, sometimes, System Admin can set date and time to every user, for network connections/internet connections.

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