No PCI-Express Slot but space on mainboard

By Supercomedian ·
I want to upgrade my video card and i was looking at them and there are three basic choices. AGP, PCI, or PCI-Express. I was about to buy a PCI card when i looked on my mainboard and saw that there was a space. There are two PCI slots, then a space with white lettering above it marking it a PCI-Express x16 Card and there is no slot just metal circles and two holes that look right for screws or pegs. Can I install a PCI-E slot and then get a card or not? What's going on here?

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by mamies In reply to No PCI-Express Slot but s ...

What is the Motherboard type, If I can see the motherboard I am able to see what is going on. If your are able to solder a PCIe slot on it I would not do it still. I would recommend buying a new motherboard.

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Easy answer here is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No PCI-Express Slot but s ...

No you can not install a PCI EPress Socket and fit a PCI Express Video Card.Those Metal Circles are solder Points for Surface Mount Sockets so you need a Ultraviolet Soldering Station to solder the Socket onto the M'Board but more importantly the M'Board most likely lacks other items required for a PCI Express Socket to work.

When M'Board makers ship M'Boards like this they are Budget M'Boards that use the same Printed Circuit Board but with reduced Chips to support less than what they would normally fit onto one of these M'Boards. :0


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Don't Forget the Firm-Ware

by TheChas In reply to Easy answer here is

Beyond just the electronic components to install the PCI Express port, you may need firm-ware for 1 or more of the circuits and most likely a BIOS for a different model motherboard.

If the BIOS does not look for the PCI-E port, Windows will never see it and use it.

Even further, parts like on board regulators may need to be upgraded to handle the extra power demands of the PCI-E port and card.

If you wish to use a PCI-E graphics card, your best option is a new motherboard.


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