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I have an HP laptop I bought in 12/06 (just before Vista came out) - It will turn on but there is no video. Prior to all this, it use to display blue horizontal lines but after being on a few minutes would disappear. I have a funny feeling it's a video card? I ended up buying a new laptop (another HP, I'm a die-hard..lol) but how can I retrieve all my "stuff" off my old laptop? Is there something I can buy to "piggyback"? or do I have to have the old hard drive removed? I don't have much money to spend. I can take apart & put together desktops, but when it comes to laptops, I'm clueless.

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by gdeangelis In reply to No picture on laptop

You have a few options. If the old laptop boots, you could try an external monitor.
If it boots and external monitor is not an option, and you know the ip address, you can boot it up and access the files from your new laptop over wired or wireless network.
You can also, as you indicated, remove the hard drive from the laptop and connect it to your laptop via an adapter (usb to sata or usb to ide) depending on what type drive it is. Generally only a couple screws and its out.

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Things to try

by Merlin the Wiz In reply to No picture on laptop

First, There were a lot of laptops manufactured between 2004 and 2007 that used video chips that used a a BGA (Ball Grid Array) connection between the chip and the motherboard. At the same time the motherboard manufacturers were converting to lead free solder. Lead free solder has a higher melting point. The typical indications of a failed connection between the motherboard and the video chip are Exactly what you describe.
Connect a standard VGA video monitor to the laptop. Most laptops manufactured during this time frame defaulted to displaying video on both the internal LCD and an external VGA monitor. If you see nothing on the external monitor, you probably have a bad BGA connection.
Step two
Search on line for the hardware maintenance manual fr your laptop using the model or series number from the bottom of the chassis. It will show you where the hard drive is physically located, and may show the model number and capacity of the hard drive.
Step three
Remove the hard drive from the chassis. If it is 1.8 inches or less in width you can find adapters on ebay to connect to the drive and then to a 2.5 inch IDE connector and then go to step four.
Look at the hard drive, one end will have a connector that passes data and power from the motherboard to the hard drive. If the connector has two rows of female connectors it is an IDE drive. If it has two L shaped connectors side by side it is a SATA drive.
Step four
Your local electronics / computer store / Radio Shack store will have a USB external hard drive conversion kit (Usually less than $40.00 U.S. that will allow you to put your drive in a housing that has an internal converter board that will allow you to use your drive as an external USB drive.

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