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No Power

By chark ·
I just put 512 RAM into a Quantex Desktop with P2. Also added burner. Wouldnot power on. Checked power supply. Fuse blown. Replaced power supply. Tried 300w ATX no power. Tried 145w AT power power. original p/s was 235w, seems to be AT no extra plugs. Cover is on connections checked. Got to be something simple??? PC has experienced surge(ligtning) but has been working. Thank you, Mark

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No Power

by TheChas In reply to No Power

First, what OS are you running?
If Windows 95, 98 or Me, you may run into problems with 512MB of RAM.

There is a bug in the core 9X code that can cause a number of problems with more than 511MB of RAM.
I limit ALL of my 9X boxes to 384MB of RAM.

Now, since this is a PII system, it is an older system.
It may not recognize DIMMs with more than 128MB on them.
Further, if these are newer "quad" density DIMMs, it is very likely that the motherboard cannot deal with them at all.

Start bygoing back to the original RAM configuration.
If it still does not boot, then verify that the CPU and any plug-in cards are properly seated.

Next, look for bent or damaged pins in the DIMM sockets.

Don't rule out the lightning surge. It can take months for the components to break down enough to fail.
I would remove / disable the modem as a first step for a system hit by a surge.


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No Power

by fred07 In reply to No Power

Hi and I add to TheChas that sdram on older machines were very machine dependant. I have IBM's here that take pc100 sdram BUT only thase made for this particular pc and is not compatable with any other pc and visa-versa.
98, 98se, ME are all difficult to configure 512 ram for and TheChas did not mention that 98, 98se benchmarked fastest with 192 mg ram installed.
The inapropriate ram would render no bios or screen, hence no post.
Reinstall the old ram only and see if it does not "boot".

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No Power

by Tim.Doyle In reply to No Power

Take out everything you added and see if it powers up. You first need to restore the system to working order before you can diagnose the problem.

My money's on the burner being bad and shorting the PS out.

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