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    No power at all on Dell Inspiron Laptop


    by glory_30084 ·

    My Dell Inspiron laptop is about two years old and has been working with no problems. About two days ago I used it for several hours during the day. When I was finished I simply closed it, putting it to sleep. It was plugged in at the time. That evening I tried to use it again, but could get no power at all. No indicator lights, nothing. I have two power cords and both of the LED lights light up, but I can’t get the laptop to turn on with either of them. I can also press the button on the back of the battery and it shows up as fully charged. I have tried removing the battery and replacing it after several minutes. I’ve tried to turn it on plugged in with no battery and also with the battery and not plugged in.

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      by glory_30084 ·

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      Well, the only other thing to try:

      by robo_dev ·

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      a) gently jiggle the power supply connection where the PSU plugs in.

      b) unplug/remove everything pluggable: battery, CD-drive, hard drive, etc.

      This is a long shot…but every once in a while there is a part that shorts-out, preventing power up.

      Other than that, it likely needs repair, like potentially a new motherboard.

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