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    no power light


    by deminc ·

    Hi every morning when i try to boot my comp I have to keep turning off and on the power to get a power light and boot up, when i hit the power all i get is the hard drive light and the fans and cd check but no hardware beep, and no boot, so i then have to keep swiching on and off eventually it will bootup but it takes around 10 minutes for the orange light to register does anyone have any suggestions

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      by deminc ·

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      Replace the Power Supply

      by thechas ·

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      I recommend a new power supply.

      As part of the start up sequence, the motherboard returns a power good signal to the power supply. If the power good signal is not received by the power supply after a few seconds, the power supply shuts down to protect the rest of the system.

      If it is not the power supply, the next suspect would be the motherboard itself.


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      power supply

      by deminc ·

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      Thank you Chas I think I will have to try what you suggest first it sounds like you are correct I will give a new one a try yhank you for your help regards deminc

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      replace the power supply

      by bldsm ·

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      and do it before the power supply starts fluctuating power thru the circuits which could cause more damage. Happened to me recently 3 times with different work machines. Bruce

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