No power to CDROM when HDD plugged in

By Wolfbaiting ·
Hi guys,
If no HDD is plugged in both CDROMs get power to them and spin up, but if there is a HDD plugged in the CDROMs get nothing. I have tried it with just one of each but to no avail.

Booting from HDD, it says 'Disk boot failure, insert system disk' which obviously I can't.

Everything in the BIOS is set properly, as are all the relevant jumpers.

Is there something obvious I'm missing or is it a power supply issue, bearing in mind they (2xHDD and 2xCDROM) were working before?

It's a relatively old machine but it runs XP well enough, usually.


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I'd bet...

by cmiller5400 In reply to No power to CDROM when HD ...

I'd bet the power supply had cooked it's last egg

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I agree

by SKDTech In reply to I'd bet...

I would bet that your Power Supply is on its way to the retirement home.Consider going out and purchasing a new PSU as soon as possible, preferably one that is rated higher than your present one. If your machine did not originally come with 2xCDROM and 2xHDD then you may have been running near the threshold after the last addition and now the aging PSU can no longer support as much of a draw.

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Yep - I'd concur with that. {NT}

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I agree
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IDE headers

by balge In reply to No power to CDROM when HD ...

off chance, does the PC boot off the HDD at all? I mean in either of the IDE headers
Is the HDD tested?
PSU usually gives weird effects when failing

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I agree

by xfilz_1133 In reply to IDE headers

If the PSU was that bad off the cdroms would not spin up. Sounds like the HDD is on its way out or gone. Is either or both of these drives Western Digital by any chance?

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I would define what he is experiencing as weird effects

by SKDTech In reply to IDE headers

And as both an electronics technician and a PC technician I would say that the PSU is suspect.

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