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No Power to HP Pavilion 7260

By malisa.coombs ·
I was updating my brother's PC with the latest AV updates and Windows Updates, when after several reboots, it went powerless. No sign of any power to the motherboard at all.

First, I replaced the Power Supply. The fan worked on the PS, but no lights on the System Board. I assumed it had gotten a power surge and burned the board too.

Second, I replaced the System Board and reconnected all the components. Still no power. I do have lights on the motherboard, but the fan on the new power supply is not running.

Third, I disconnected the devices one at a time attempting a start up with each one, but no change in the status.

Fourth, I took the Power Supply out of that box and tried it in another PC and it works fine.

Fifth, I removed a Power Supply that I knew was working on the other machine and connected it, but still no signs of power at all except for the light on the system board.

Sixth, I took the board out of the box and placed it on a piece of cardboard to prevent any shorts or feedback and connected the power supply, but no response.

I have run out of ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions??????


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by TheChas In reply to No Power to HP Pavilion 7 ...

The lights on the motherboard tell you that the 5 volt standby power line is working.

Have you check that the power switch works?

On an ATX system, the power switch is a simple momentary push button switch.

You can use an ohm-meter to check that there is near zero ohms across the switch terminals while the button is being pressed.

Or, you can place and remove a shorting jumper across the power switch pins on the motherboard and the PC should start.

Another thing to check is the CMOS battery and the clear CMOS jumper.
Some PCs will not boot if the CMOS battery is weak, or if the clear CMOS jumper is set to clear.


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by malisa.coombs In reply to No Power to HP Pavilion 7 ...

Thank you so.................much!!

I jumped the pins with a screwdriver tip and it powered right up.

I tried the original system board to see if that was the only problem, but it did not power up. Could the switch have fried the board and PS or Vice Versa?

Again, thanks for your help!

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