No Power To Monitor

By bonfire817 ·
I took apart my Toshiba Satellite M35X-S109 to solder the power connection which is working great now, but when I went to power up, the light comes on, I can hear the fan and the disc drive working, but nothing comes up on the monitor. I tried reseating the memory module, tried with a diff module, hooked up an external monitor and checked the monitor connection to the motherboard and still no luck. Any other suggestions?

thanks in advance

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to No Power To Monitor

it's gotta be a bad video card.

is it built into the board or is it removable? if so, then maybe you can get another one, else its time for a new mobo.

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Not sure

by bonfire817 In reply to bummer

I was afraid of that...just seems weird bc I had no probs until i opened it up to fix the power...i must have tweaked something.

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Close inspection required

by mjd420nova In reply to No Power To Monitor

I'd go back into the area where you soldered those connection and be sure you didn't create a bridge somewhere or missed making a critical connection for the video(onboard) processor. It sounds like it's getting the power it needs for drives and fans but is missing some power for the video. I think you missed a connection rather than shorting one.

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by bonfire817 In reply to Close inspection required

I initially took it apart and cleaned it, then put it back together...that is when I noticed it was not working....I soldered it later hoping that would help fix both problems. I am thinking I may have broken something along the way with my 2 left thumbs

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