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    No Power to PC at all


    by cudanin ·

    When I go to turn on my PC there seems to be no power. Motor does not run, Fan does not come on, no lights nothing. I have unplugged and tried a new outlet- still nothing. However when I do plug it in the green light on the mother board lights up and there seems to be some power coming in. does this mean anything? Did I fry something? or may it be the power lines in the case itself?

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      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to No Power to PC at all

      Without knowing more I would suggest that you change the Power Supply with a known Good one and try again. The Green LED that you are seeing coming on is telling you that he 5 V DC is available but that doesn’t mean that the PS is actually working correctly.

      Quite often with some unbranded Power Supplies when you place a load on them they fail to work. As you age getting the Green Led lit I would say that your PS has bit the dust and needs replacing with a decent unit if it will fit in the case.

      If you have a propriety Case with a one make PS in it you’ll have to replace it with the same unit and are likely to see the same thing happen again. If you can I would use an Evermax or Antec 350 W or bigger PS as these are the better ones to use.


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      by dumphrey ·

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      In this case, the fact that no fans are turning is usually a good sign.. No fans usually means bad pwer supply, (though it can also mean motherboard). If the fans were moving but computer was not booting, my guess would have been CPU. Here is a link that tells you more then you need to know about Power Supplies.
      Traditionally, I have always used Antec and have no problems from them.

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