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No Power to PC at all

By cudanin ·
When I go to turn on my PC there seems to be no power. Motor does not run, Fan does not come on, no lights nothing. I have unplugged and tried a new outlet- still nothing. However when I do plug it in the green light on the mother board lights up and there seems to be some power coming in. does this mean anything? Did I fry something? or may it be the power lines in the case itself?

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by mshavrov In reply to No Power to PC at all

Try to disconnect your Hard Drive. If PC will power up after that, then just turn the HDD cord upside down.

Another thing to check - chech if you have any loose cables inside your computer. May be the Power Button wires just got off the pins.

Good luck,


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by cbcats In reply to No Power to PC at all

If its a E-Machine some/all of the power supply went out taking the power supply and morthbroad with it seen about 15 PC E-machine do that.

Check the capacitor is miss-forum or chip(s) is broken/blacken.

One of the Cd/hard/DVD/etc driver could have went so unplug (power & IDE/etc cable) all device that are not need.

If that fails try a different power supply. (note that Dells power supply are different from normal power supply and could kill ur mortherbroad and power supply if ur try. As I hear that is) Also note that placing a bad power supply or motherbroad could kill a good one ( .

If these fail try post back with more information on capacitor/chip(s) shape/etc.

So far its seem that the motherbroad or power supply

plz forgive grammer/etc error had two tests today & had get at 5:00 am (

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by cbcats In reply to

ops is it AT or ATX power supply? (I don't think AT mortherbroad had lights on them) If its a AT power supply and u didn't had the power cable black-to-black u guess killed ur motherbroad.

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by ctrservices In reply to No Power to PC at all

Sounds like a bad power supply. Check its output voltages if you are able or else replace with a known good PS.

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by bch.boy In reply to No Power to PC at all

Unplug the computer and plug in a light/lamp to verify it is a live socket. You may have blown the circuit breaker/fuse for the room. Check electric pannel if you do not get the light to work. Also check all connections. Unplug the cables and reconnect. Seems silly but it might work. Craig

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