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Before formatting a friend's computer, I copied all of their valuable pictures to some cd's. When they were copying them back in after the format, there was one cd where all of the pictures came up with 'No Preview Available' when they were opened. Of course this cd had to be the one they needed. I am trying desperately to find out what is wrong. I have gogled it and have not found an answer. I copied these pics in the same sammer as the other pics. Can anyone help? I would appreciate it very much.

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It could be almost anything

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to NO PREVIEW AVAILABLE

Ranging from a bad bit of Media to a bad burn, you should always check every CD after it has been burnt and on a different CD Reader if possible.

But now that the damage has been done can you actually open the pictures that where on this CD after they have been copied to the HDD? Can you see individual Size Limits or other proprieties for the individual pictures and much more importantly what format are they?

You may need to use some form of Image Viewer that isn't part of Windows like some Camera Software which may have altered the stored Image Format from .JPG to something else that windows itself can not open or read. Or it could be that the images straight from the camera are in a different format and that the Supplied Software alters them to a .JPG format that allows Windows to see them.


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No Preview Available

by sharrahl In reply to It could be almost anythi ...

Thanks so much for your quick reply. YHave you had this happen to you?

Yes, I can open all the pics with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer from the CD or after I copy them to my HD. and yes they all have the correct size in bytes. When I right click and go to properties on the pic, the summary tab is blank. I have tried turning off simple file sharing and checking permissions hoping it is something like that-NOT! I have also tried opening the pics with my camera software0smae thing-no preview available. My cd burning software (Sonic) is setup to verify after it is done so I'm not sure if it is that. I changed the format to a gif, png, or tiff-nothing.
I really would like to get this fixed. Suggestions?

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The only time that I've seen something like this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No Preview Available

Where you couldn't see a preview of the Pictures is when a Data File is buried too deeply in the file chain.

If you can view the pictures they are there but for some reason not showing up on the viewable section of the Preview Pane. .JPG will always be the default format to save the pictures in but if the folder is sufficiently buried it may not be seen as containing Photos and be misunderstood by Windows as some other kind of folder hence the problem.

So try moving the contents of that folder to another folder where the preview pane is working.


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No Preview Available

by sharrahl In reply to The only time that I've s ...

Thanks, tried it but to no avail. I copied one of the folders from the CD to the My Pictures fiolder on my HD where I know things work. Still th esame-no preview available. I am lost.

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don't copy the folder

by w2ktechman In reply to No Preview Available

copy the pics into the 'my pictures' folder. Copying a folder there may keep the problem.

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No Preview Available

by sharrahl In reply to don't copy the folder

Well, I copied the pics into a folder with pics that have a preview and work but still no preview available. I really appreciate all the suggestions and ideas you have been given me. Not sure where to go from here.....

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Format Problem

by toughguy000 In reply to NO PREVIEW AVAILABLE

What format are the pictures in? As I am guessing that they are not .jpg or .gif if they will not show up in windows. If they are PSD files (Photoshop) He will have to reinstall photoshop in order to see & Edit them again.

Search on google for their extensions and find what program that you have to install to use them.

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no preview available

by sharrahl In reply to Format Problem

The pics are in you rplain jane .jpg format. Nothing special. I have opened the pics using MS Office Picture manager. Very interesting. When I open one of mine, it gives back camera properties by when I try one of the others, it gives back nothing. Maybe I ought to try and open them with my friend's camera software.

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By the sounds of your description the files have been damaged

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to no preview available

Are you sure that they worked properly prior to saving them to CD?

That's about all I can think of being the problem unless you just got unlucky and got a bad piece of Blank Media which had some problems in it and caused this to happen.


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Try opening them and then

by w2ktechman In reply to By the sounds of your des ...

saving them to the My Pictures folder? Is there a change?
Also, let us know how the camera SW works, it may be just to open with that, and then re-save. If there is any extra data in the files that the camera SW has added, this can make sense.

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