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No Problems with Vista

By mopher ·
I have heard many complaints from customers about Vista. Rarely anything specific, just generally grumblings, rumors and the like. I have used Vista since it was released and love it. I hate XP Home and Pro, and find them tedious to work with.
Vista has better search features and seems to be more stable,no crashes or freeze ups since first install, so I am wondering what the problem is, why are people against my favorite OS? Just curious:)

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Well I can only speak from my experience

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No Problems with Vista

And that is no support for Mission Critical Applications that just work with XP and worse still that 45K printer that was bought 6 months prior to Vista being released doesn't have any Vista Driver available so there is no way that the business is going to pull out an otherwise serviceable Network Printer and spend great heaps of money unnecessarily for the minor benefits that come with using Vista.

There may actually be major reasons not to even consider Vista things like Software not being available to run on it that was heavily used under XP. These small One Off Applications are not rewritten quickly if at all but they are expensive to purchase initially and just continue to save large amounts of money.

I have one of these applications written for Heavy Earthmoving that is actually free you just pay for the Hardware that is used with it things like Laser Leveling equipment that gets spread around the work site and on every bit of Plant that does anything. This allows you to scrape earth away to within 2 CM of the design and saves lots of money in saved fuel and even more in buying in Soil to backfill as well as cart it away originally and so on.

This particular app only runs on NT4 or older Windows NT Systems and so far there have been no plans to rewrite it for XP let alone Vista.

Domestic users on the other hand shouldn't have any issues with Vista provided that they but hardware suitable for it and do not attempt to use older hardware to run Vista on.


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I understand

by mopher In reply to Well I can only speak fro ...

however any industry needs to take care of it's self first, and that's just what Microsoft does, Apple as well. Call it the price of doing business. We have a market based on buy, buy, buy not do the right thing all the time. People must have visions of sugar plums and fairy tales in thier addled brains.

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