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No reminders - cannot locate recurrence

By marya ·
Microsoft Office Outlook - v2003
After I launch Outlook the following message comes up:
There was a problem reading one or more of your reminders. Some reminders may not appear. Cannot locate recurrence information for this appointment.
When you click on OK then you get a system message stating 'the operation failed'
All items on the calendar have no reminders - doesn't matter whether the items are recurring or not.

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by jloftis In reply to No reminders - cannot loc ...

Sorry this is not an answer, but I have the exact same problem and I noticed that no one has posted an answer to the problem.
Have you solved the problem yourself or recieved help outside of this forum? I would be very interested in knowing how you solved it if you did. Thanks. Jim.

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by marya In reply to

Poster rated this answer.

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by mrki In reply to No reminders - cannot loc ...

Try starting this user's Outlook one time with the cleanreminders switch:

start->run->outlook.exe /cleanreminders

I had same problem and found upper answer in MS Newsgroup, posted by Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] . Thanks Milly!

Goran Mrvos

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by marya In reply to

Sorry, this did not work for me, thanks anyway.
Am trying the next suggestion.

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by jrmplates In reply to

To fix this do the following.

1. Select the caleder
2. Drop down view, select arrange by, select current view, select recurring appointments
3. Starting at the top doubel click on each one listed.The one that gives an error message is the one causing the problem.Delete that appointment.

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this worked

by jamest In reply to

list all recurring appointments and opened each one until one was erraneous. deleted it and restarted outlook. bam.. all the appointments he missed had shown up.

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It worked!

by jim.simpson In reply to

I had the same problem too. Your suggestion fixed the problem.


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Cannot locate reminder error message

by jlc In reply to

I ran outlook.exe /cleanreminders and the lost reminders error message went away. Thank you!

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This solution worked only for one start

by hkelly In reply to

I got the error message: "There was a problem reading one or more of your reminders. Some reminders may not appear. Cannot locate recurrence information for this appointment." as recommended I closed Outlook, then selected start>run>outlook.exe /cleanreminders.

Outlook started, the error message briefly flashed, then all of my missing reminders appeared. All seemed fixed until I closed Outlook and later restarted it. The old error message reappeared. Using the "cleanreminders" program would work again, but as before, it would not have any affect the next time Outlook started. Back to the old error message.

I took off all recurrent appointments and flags on emails, then reinstated those that I needed. No help. Anybody out there have suggestions?

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by w2ktechman In reply to No reminders - cannot loc ...

I just had this problem on my boss's system. We tried a new profile, outlook.exe /cleanreminders, outlook.exe /cleanprofile,
ran Outlook detect and repair, etc... The fix was finally, going from appt. to appt. and checking the recurrence. 1 message asked for a change, but no change was made. We deleted the appt. and the error stopped

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