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No screen signal after replacing harddri

By jma_polarforsker ·
I have a 1.8 GHz P4, with a 64 MB Geforce TI 200 graphics card, 768 MB SD RAM, and a brand new 160 GB Seagate harddrive after replacing the old harddrive that broke. When I start my system, no matter what CD's or floppys (XP install CD, XP boot floppys, 98 boot floppy) I put in the drives, it does not boot. It seems like everything is running and powered, the cords are fine, but the screen display nothing, it does not even recieve a blank signal. Please help, I have no clue on how to get on.

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by TheChas In reply to No screen signal after re ...

Start by triple checking all internal connections.

Make sure that the IDE cable is installed correctly.

Make sure the master / slave jumpers are set correctly.

Remove and re-seat all RAM modules and your video card.

Inspect all plug-in cards and cables to make sure that everything is seated properly.


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by jma_polarforsker In reply to

Well, I have tried a good deal cable checking, still doesn't get me anywhere.

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by stress junkie In reply to No screen signal after re ...

Also check to see that the motherboard CMOS settings
are correct. Check to see that the motherboard shows
the correct make/model of the new hard drive. Also
check the boot sequence to see that CD-ROM, and
possibly floppy drive, are set before the hard drive in
the sequence of boot devices.

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by jma_polarforsker In reply to

You missed a point, I can't enter BIOS (or if I can I have no idea what I eventually will be doing), the screen does not display anything, I have pressed both F1 and DEL on "startup" and the screen does not get any signal anyway. As far as I recall the boot sequence is good enought, I have booted from CD before.

Made me think, my old disk had 3 partions, CDE, so my two optical drives was named FG, could this have altered with the new disk, and could that have caused my system to be unable to boot from them? Anyway that doesn't explain why the floppys didn't work, actually I think it never read from the floppys, hmm check cables once more ... nope, they seem to be fine.

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by jma_polarforsker In reply to No screen signal after re ...

I have been unpluging, pluging and checking all day, video card have been in and out 100, I have removed a RAM module and the modem and I still get the same result. Harddisk is spinning fine, so is the DVD drive, they are by the way connected using the same cable, with DVD drive in the end, and the harddisk in the middle. I have a jumper on the left slot in the harddrive (master/slave slot), just like it was placed on the old drive.

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by burtonizer In reply to No screen signal after re ...

Hi there,

I would try putting your "old" hard-drive back in and setting your "new" hard drive as the slave. This would allow you to at least get into your BIOS settings and also allow you to FDISK and format the new drive. Once you have done that, make the "new" drive master, make sure it's on the end of the ribbon cable and your CD drive is on the middle connector and try getting into your bios then. Triple checking your ribbon cable, etc is connected properly.

Hope this helps, it's what I would do!

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by jma_polarforsker In reply to

I tried putting in the old drive instead of the new, the old one used to work for about 5 minutes, but now this configuration neither works, even though it used to.

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by lmayeda In reply to No screen signal after re ...

Long shot. What kind of monitor are you using and do you still have the manual? I just moved a Sony Flat panel from one PC to another and encountered black screen. After reseating the video card and replacing the cable, I decided to read the manual. One of the buttons on the screen "INPUT" toggled through about 4-5 options, one of which resulted in a signal. I figure that changing the hard drive is similar to switching CPUs so I hope this might help.

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by jma_polarforsker In reply to

I have no idea where the eventual screen manual is, and I don't see any such buttons on the screen.

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by hloke In reply to No screen signal after re ...

Hi, have you resolved your diaplay issue?
Some trouble-shooting tips for you to look into it. From your explaination, it sound like you have done all steps but there are still few things you have over look.
1. Please check the monitor signal cable. Make sure that the 15 pins connector, none of the pin is bent.
2. If you observed the monitor signal cable socket, it looks like D-shape. Make sure it is plug-in in the right direction to the display card socket.
3. Does your monitor works if it is plug to another working PC?
4. Double confirm that the harddrive ribbon cable is connected in the right direction, pin1 to pin1.
Hope the above tips will help you to identify and resolve your problem.

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