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No Shutdown or Restart in User mode

By digital_cow ·

I would like to revise our network setup in the company that once an ordinary user tries to shut down his/her computer, he/she will not be able to see and select the Shutdown and restart. Only IT personnel with the Administrator rights can shut down the computer.

How can i hide these commands in the shut down Windows dialog box.


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by djent In reply to No Shutdown or Restart in ...

Given the need to reboot frozen Windows workstations frequently, why limit that option? Even if you do limit that option you will get users that use the power switch or unplug machines to reboot, this is a much less desireable way to reboot and willcause file and or drive corruption.

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I know but you don't know..

by digital_cow In reply to WHY?

I knew it !!! but you do not know what i am designing to. If you do not know the answer to question just leave it and don't give me those suggestions because it does not boot my brains up.


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No Shutdown or Restart in User mode

by hmossessi In reply to I know but you don't know ...

What type of OS are the users workstations running on?

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