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By sflips2003 ·
I have a 40" Sony Bravia with a PC input. It is a beautiful monitor with Apple's OS X 10.4.11 from the MacBookPro. Works fine, but when I try to run Windows XP Pro, it displays the boot up window with the blue loading logo fine, but when the screen blanks to go to the Welcome window, the Sony blacks out, and displays "No Signal". I have tried everything. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Is it the Sony, or the Windows software?

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More info needed...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to no signal display

You said "I have tried everything."

Well, what have you tried?

What is the make and model of your PC ?
What graphics card have you got ?
How is the PC connected to the Sony in comparison to the MacBook ?

Have you compared the MacBook's graphics settings with those of the PC ?

Does the PC work with any other monitors ?

More information please.

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by sflips2003 In reply to More info needed...

Dear Old Mycroft,
sorry sir, I believe you misunderstood me. I don't have a PC. I am running a MacBookPro that's partitioned to run Windows XP Pro. The graphics card is OK, because the Mac side comes up beautifully on the Sony, but I think I may have the solution from Tintoman, because when I run the the Mac side,if I want the desktop icons to show up, I need to drag them over, as if I'm using a separate monitor. I suspect his suggestion to extend the desktop will work. I'm gonna try it, and get back to him, when I get the chance. Thanks for your input as well. Health, Love, and Clarity, Shawn Phillips

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Extend your desktop

by tintoman In reply to no signal display

It seems to me that within windows XP you need to right click on the desk top select properties then select the settings tab, then click the monitor 2 icon and tick the "extend my windows desktop onto this monitor" box

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At your suggestion sir

by sflips2003 In reply to Extend your desktop

Dear Tintoman,
THAT, I did not try. I will do so, and get back to you. Thank you. Health, Love, and Clarity, Shawn Phillips

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Still no joy !!

by sflips2003 In reply to Extend your desktop

Hi Tintoman, I thought you had it, but that wasn't it. I finally got the Sony on the wall and hooked up and tried your suggestion, but to no avail. I went to advanced after that, and tried updating drivers, (said I had the latest), and selecting the monitor through the display tab, and everything I could think of. I think the problem lies in that I'm running Windows on a partitioned drive on a MacBookPro, and the Microsoft software just doesn't see the 2nd TV as a monitor. Somehow, I still think this can be achieved. Other laptops that are just PC, (like my wifes), come up, no problem. I'll keep workin' on it. Thanks for your help.

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By your description here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to no signal display

It's the XP Box that is the problem as Windows isn't driving the second Video Out. Whatever that is.

If the computer is a Desktop try connecting to the primary output to see if you get a display or if it's a NB RTFM to enable both Video Outputs.

The Display has nothing to do with the stated problem but the computer has everything to do with it so until you provide more information there is nothing else possible to be said to fix the problem.


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