No signal pc crash

By Fogel ·
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For the last couple of months I have had this problem with my pc, sometimes when i'm playing a game (gta v, payday 2, far cry 5/new dawn for example) the screen will alternate between turning off and showing a black screen (you can see the difference because of the brightness) and then it will say “no signal”. Turning the monitor off and on or pulling out the hdmi cable and putting it back in doesn’t help. The pc itself is still on (the rgb leds inside the case), but I don't hear the sounds from the game anymore. The way I turn the pc back on is by holding the on/off button on the case for a couple of seconds so it turns off and then turning it back on. The game and all other programs are closed when I turn it back on.
It would be great if anybody knows how to fix this!

Some info on my setup:
Entire setup is 1,5 years old
Monitor is a iiyama g-master GE2288HS
If you need to know more info on my specs or other just ask.
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Problem with Monitor screenn

by sanjeevkalshan9910 In reply to No signal pc crash

Sometimes monitor screens do this like black screen, game stop, or brightening decrease. this problem can cause due to the CPU. If your game stop or end when you on the screen after off its only the reason behind this, so check your CPU

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