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No signal to monitor

By mnan2004 ·
There is no signal coming from my computer to the monitor. The monitor constantly stays black and the green led keeps flashing although the rest of the computer seems to be working. All the hard drives start spinning and power to the cd rom and dvd rom light come on. I am unable to tell if the computer would be beeping or not becouse I do not have the speaker connected. When I diconnect the monitor from the back of the computer it says no signal. I have onboard video and have tried a pci video card from another computer still with no luck. I have also tried disconnecting everything on the inside of the computer except the cpu becouse the heatsink is hard to get off.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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by joenmr In reply to No signal to monitor

If the problem is your onboard video, try again with the PCI video card but clear the CMOS first.


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by mnan2004 In reply to

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by mnan2004 In reply to No signal to monitor

I cleared cmos at least I think I did by disconnecting the battery and leaving it unconnected for 1 1/2 days.I tried the video card again from the other computer still with no luck.

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by SimY In reply to No signal to monitor

Try connecting your monitor to a working PC - this will tell you if your monitor is at fault. Also try a working monitor on your PC to see if your PC is working properly. Faulty RAM could also result in a black screen and no beeps when you boot. Otherwise, it could be a problem with your motherboard.

Hope this helps

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by uziel In reply to No signal to monitor

you said you cant hear the Bios POST beep coz there's no speaker in your system?

i think you have a problem with your motherboard, i got the same problem before, i just cleared the CMOS and remove the system battery for a coupe of hours, reboot the systems and it came out fine

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