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No signal to the monitor

By lizah ·
I have a pc that won't send any signal to the monitor when I turn it on. It looks like the pc doesn't communicate at all with the monitor because the monitor doesn't even react when I turn the pc on. What do you think could be the problem?

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by mjd420nova In reply to No signal to the monitor

No display? Does the power supply start, are there any beeps from the system board? If no beeps and the power supply fan doesn't turn, or only turns a little, the P/S is bad. If it appears to boot, the video card is bad. This is usually a bad power supply. If there's no video card (integrated video) then the memory could be at fault. But you should hear something when you turn it on. (beeps, one or multiple) indicate memory fault, or video memory fault.

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by lizah In reply to No signal to the monitor

The pc starts, the fan works..
I just noticed that I have 2 pc's that do not send signals to the monitor.
Pc #1 works, but sometimes when you turn it on it beeps (long non-stop, or a few times)
and Pc #2 does not beep at all, but just starts normally.
Do you think that the video card of both pc's are damaged??

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No signal to the monitor

The Beep sound means something and you need to count the number of Beeps and if they are long or short to get the correct meaning.

The full Error Codes are here

There are all the Beep Error Codes listed here for all forms of BIOS and most makes if you have one of the Off the Shelf systems but just knowing the BIOS Brand will generally get you by with what the error code actually means.

If the system is powering up and not making any noise either there is the wrong RAM Fitted if it hasn't worked previously or the Video card has gone bad.

The one making the noise will most likely be telling you that there is something wrong with the RAM most times just removing it and refitting it will cure your problem.


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by iak_ivan In reply to No signal to the monitor

Generally first check the pins on the moniter db-hd 15 male connector, what I have seen the monitor will on work or communicate only if all the pin in the connector at intact and have not been broken?
somehow if everything is allright! The other part of the problem seem to be a bad vga card.

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by lodrve In reply to No signal to the monitor

Hai, this is becuse of the problem with your RAM. Please clean your RAM slot and check whether the system is working or not. If the problem presists replace the RAM with another one this will resolve the issue. Bye

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