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No Signal

By john ·
Hi everyone

I was recently using my desktop PC (shop prepared) and on starting the boot screen came up as well as the windows screen (the one with the blue loading bar). The screen just blanks out even though it seems as if the computer continues to boot as normal. My PC is connected to a Samsung 40" LCD TV. I tried it with the laptop, same problem. Bought a new VGA 15 pin cable - same thing.

Any ideas? Cheers in advance

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Could be piratically anything

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No Signal

Though if I was to guess I would start looking at the Power Supply as being the culprit. When these are on the way out that give some screwy symptoms and a loss of Video is one of them.

The other thing that you can look at if you have a few years on this unit is the BIOS Battery which when they are going flat produce the same type of problems. Pull the battery and if it's under 2.5 V DC replace it.


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Check Power Cord connection to monitor

by dennisrains In reply to No Signal

I ran across a similar problem, as my customer had streeeeetttttchheeed the power cord to reach a power strip; the monitor appeared to lose signal when in fact it just lost power. The solution was simple: a longer power cord

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Thanks but...

by john In reply to Check Power Cord connecti ...

Thanks for that folks but its neither of those issues. The monitor works when I am watching Television. I actually go the laptop to work on the TV with a new chord but no luck with the desktop, any s card is damaged on the PC, would that cause this problem?

Again thanks for the suggestions

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Have you tried lowering the Refresh Rates or Screen Resolution

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks but...

On the second Screen? If this is a NB and you are using the S Video to feed a Large Screen TV either the refresh Rates or the Screen Resolution could have been changed to something higher and this exceeds the TV ability to produce a picture.

This is something quite common as LCD or Plasma TV have a much lower resolution to Computer monitors they don't need to have as sharp a picture so they are unable to produce as good an image as the Computer monitor.


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