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    No Sound


    by pcammuso ·

    In Windows XP, when attempting to play a sound I get a message “Windows cannot play the sound %SystemRoot\media\.wav Your sound card may be in use. Checked Device Manager and all devices are working fine.

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      by willcomp ·

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      Device Manager is not a reliable indicator of functionality.

      Did it work before and quit or has it never worked?

      Is correct playback device selected when playing test sound?

      Are you using on-board sound or an add-on card? If add-on card, is on-board sound disabled?

      If it worked before, is set correctly and on-board sound is disabled for an add-on card, I suspect a corrupt driver. Uninstall and reinstall drivers for sound card (adapter). If that doesn’t work, sound card (adapter) has probably bitten the dust.

      Good luck,


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