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No sound in Windows 7 but works in linux

By rodmanbrowning ·
My daughter recently installed Win7 to dual boot on her Linux machine. All's well except there is no sound when in Windows. All indications from Windows is that the sound is working but no sound comes from speakers. Even the VU meter in the volume slider indicates sound is working. When she moves to Linus, sound works perfectly. Someone please help me so I don't have to suffer the wrath of the Little Linux Nazi.

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by chriscampbellchr In reply to No sound in Windows 7 but ...

Are drivers installed for that sound card? Go to your motherboard manufacturer's website and dl them. Modern-day linux distros come standard with loads of drivers. Windows does not, in my experience.

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Done that

by rodmanbrowning In reply to Drivers?

We've done that. In fact we've tried all the standard responses I'll probably get here. So things like drives, speakers plugged in, sound enabled etc. are not going to help but thanks anyway

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have you checked in the Control Panel and the Devices list

by Deadly Ernest In reply to No sound in Windows 7 but ...

that Windows thinks it's talking to the correct sound device for your sound. I've seen Windows misidentify a sound device and thus not be sending the signals to the right place.

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Yes Sir

by rodmanbrowning In reply to have you checked in the C ...

Again we've check the control panel sound and all reports the device is working properly. The Device Manager says the same. The device on first install was HD Audio device. However when updated with Realtek drivers it now reports the device as Realtec and is working properly. As stated earlier even the vu meter on the volume slider shows Activity. As does mixer, Control Panel and device manager. But no sound from speakers or headphones. Neither Realtec nor speakers as default make any difference.

Here is a link to MB Specs.


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how do we correct winddows misidentify a sound device

by nishdesai95 In reply to have you checked in the C ...

@Deadly Ernest, sir i have windows xp and it is identifying my sound card as a MULTIMEDIA AUDIO CONTROLLER unlike the first time i bought the new sound card and installed it

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Try this

by seanferd In reply to No sound in Windows 7 but ...


It is supposed to be the updated version compatible with 7.

Of course, this is the generic Realtek driver, which may not support everything the motherboard does if Asrock made OEM changes to the driver, but it is worth a shot.

Otherwise, check here for your motherboard model, as your model name shows up on the products page, but not directly on the download-by-model page. (Of course!)

Also, if the speakers a plugged into USB ports, try updating the USB drivers as well.

I'm also impressed that you ran into Godwin's Law in your very first post. :^0

Best of luck with the sound!

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by rodmanbrowning In reply to Try this

I sent her your post and she installed the driver. She had to run in in 'compatibility mode' for it to install but it did install. Still had no sound. So, I convinced her to allow a remote connection. Sure enough, there it was the wrong volume sittings. I correct the problem and voila, sound.

I would like to express my appreciation for all of the help, even though I should have remote connected before I wasted anyone's time. Let this be a lesson for others

Live long and prosper

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Oh, LOL.

by seanferd In reply to Finally

She didn't do what you asked the first time around, did she?

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RE : No sound in Windows 7

by kristain In reply to No sound in Windows 7 but ...

Follow the given steps:
1. Go to device manager
2. Click on sound, video and game controllers
3. Right click on audio codec and select update driver
4. Click browse my computer for driver software
5. Select let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
6. Uncheck "Show compatible hardware"
7. Scroll down and select to install SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec
8. You should get sound again and then re-start computer.

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