no sound in windows xp

By rientile ·
hello folks. i'm having a bit of a problem here. im using windows xp and im not getting any sound. all i hear is music files i play, and when im in games. all of my drivers are installed and working properly. can someone please help me iwth this issue.

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If you can hear sounds when you start the Computer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to no sound in windows xp

Then play music without a problem but hear nothing when you play a game it's got to be related to the game as it's either not installed correctly meaning here that when you install the game you've picked the wrong Sound card for the hardware that you have, or that the sound isn't setup from within the game properly.

If this was only happening on 1 game I would be looking at a conflict between the game and the hardware or maybe another piece of installed software but if it's happening to every game then the only option is the way that the games are setup.


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u miss understood.

by rientile In reply to If you can hear sounds wh ...

u miss understood me. i hear in games and audio files. i dont hear the windows sounds.

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In that case then open the Control Panel

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to u miss understood.

Select Sounds & Audio Devices and then Sounds and reset to the Windows Default.

Most likely someone or something has turned off the default sounds.


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i tried.

by rientile In reply to In that case then open th ...

i kno im not an idiot. i kno alot about computers. ive tried that.

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Well in that case scan for Infections

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to i tried.

Both Viral and Mal Ware types.

If you boot into Safe Mode you stand a much better chance of picking up the infections and killing them off. Though even with Mal Ware it may require to allow a program to run as the system restarts to kill of the worse type of infections.


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i have no infections

by rientile In reply to Well in that case scan fo ...

i dont have any infections. i use kaspersky. i ran it in safe mode. idk wtf to do....

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Well since you are positive you only have one option left

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to i have no infections

Use a wiping utility something like Boot & Nuke wipe the hdd


Remember to backup any data on your HDD/s first and then completely erase everything and reload that will make certain that you have both a clean install and no Infections and everything should work.

Easy isn't it?


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i dont want to.

by rientile In reply to no sound in windows xp

i really dont want to do that. i just reformated less then a week ago. theres no other alternative

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OK firstly when you ask a question it's a good idea

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to i dont want to.

To give all the information as every suggestion that I've come up with you have then told me that you have done that or have something in place to prevent it from happening, now you have just said that this is a clean install when you gave the impression that this problem had occurred after a long period of use.

Can you begin to see just how frustrating it is attempting to help someone who isn't telling you everything that has happened or what has been done in an attempt to fix the problem?

Did the sound work properly after the reload?

If it did what has been done to the computer since then and when did the sound stop working?

That is the clue here as the item that was installed prior to the sound stopping is where the problem came from now can you remember exactly what happened and when it stopped working properly?

What I always do with any computer that's going to be loaded to the eyeballs with games is to Image the HDD when the base install is finished so that there is no possibility of this type of thing happening again. If some Game install kills off something it's just a matter of recovering from the image and starting again only a few minutes compared to hours of work. Of course as I use HDD's to do this it's not the cheapest option but it does work. However saying that you could Image a Drive to a DVD or maybe even a CD if the Image is small enough. It really all depends on what is on the drive after the initial Install which with everything that I do is some sort of Office Program an AV Product and all updates applied except IE7 as I find it slows down the computers compared to IE6 which when fully patched has the ability to use Tabbed Browsing.

Then when you have the Base install working properly Image it to whatever you have available and store it in a safe place. Optical Media should be kept out of direct sunlight but I always place it in a safe just to make sure that nothing happens to it if something serious goes wrong but you don't have to go to that extreme. I do because the computers that I work on are measured in the Thousands of $ lost every time that they go down and this is a cumulative effect so the longer that they are down the more it costs the company.

Now something that you've installed has managed to change the Windows Settings and until it can be worked out what that was it's going to be very hard to work out a solution if one is available. Games have a nasty habit of killing off parts of the OS that they are installed upon but they keep working they just take out the OS. This is the only good reason that I can see for M$ Digital Signing software to be used on Vista to prevent this from happening.

But as that can not currently be achieved we are stuck with differing code that can damage an OS and needs special attention to prevent this from happening so the source of the problem has to be tracked down and sorted.

As you've already done the basics and there is a long break now for Easter I would suggest backing up the entire Data Files on the machine using a program like Boot & Nuke to write zero's to every sector of the HDD so that any new install appears to be on a brand new HDD and reinstall. Boot & Nuke is available for download here


When you have the base install in and working properly and fully upgraded Image the HDD with whatever you have available. Remember to install an AV product before logging onto the Windows Live Update Site as you can pick up infections from here. so before you go near the Windows Update Site make sure that your AV Product is fully updated and then apply any Patches to Windows and whatever Software you have installed that is necessary to the base operation of the system.

Then once this is accomplished you can start to install games till the system stops working and then you have your culprit. It may not even be a game but it could be a combination of games installed in the incorrect order causing this to happen. There are just so many possibilities that it's very hard to say without knowing what is being used and the full hardware configuration. But even when you know that there may be an order to install these games that will not cause this to happen. As I don't work on many Domestic machines and generally stick to business machines I'm not up to date on what games machines are susceptible to as about the only one that I see any time is the one used by my son who is a crazy mad game player and even then I've spat the dummy and make him reinstall the OS and whatever when he wrecks the system as I'm not prepared to drop paying work to fix up his mess that he's more than capable of doing himself. So I give him a copy of the base Image and get him to restore from that and then he's on his way reloading whatever he wants and because he does this all the time he's now got it down pat and knows what goes on in what order.


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