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No Sound Problem

My volume icon will not display in the task bar and will not open up, and I cannot get any sound from my computer. What is the problem?
I am using windows 98.

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by fred07 In reply to No Sound Problem

Sound drivers not installed

MB chipset drivers not installed

On board or addon card???

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by YNTBOM In reply to No Sound Problem

Did you search for your sound card? If so was it not loaded. If you have any idea what type of sound card you have, you can more than likely locate the drivers. I had a similar problem upgrading from 98 to 2000 and used the Turtle Beach website to find my drivers. Most of my problems started to go away after finding out that the card was working by using a Voyetra Turtle Beach Sound check program. Good Luck.

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by tjclairmont In reply to No Sound Problem

First you should check to see if it's listed properly in Device manager. Right click on my computer icon and go to Properties, then Device manager. If there are any yellow or red symbols next to the audio or sound functions, you may have a conflict with the audio feature. If there are no symbols or alerts in the sound category of device manager then I would say that you may want to deliberately take out the sound card and de-install the driver, reboot, and reinstall the sound card (if you have a separate sound card), reinstall the driver and see if you get sound. I've seen Win 98 "think" that everythings is OK, but there was really a problem. If the audio feature is built into the main system board then try reloading the audio driver from the CD that came with the computer that goes along with the system board.

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by aadityakhanna In reply to No Sound Problem


just try uninstalling and installing the sound driver( whether it is an onboard sound card or seprate card)..and if this still odesn't work...If it is a card , then shutdown the system and take the card out and plug
it into another slot and try instaling the drivers again and this should work.....and if it still doesn't work u can also check for IRQ conflicts by right clicking Computer and go to device manager and check for some yellow or red mark hwich mean that there is some IRQ conflcit.....If it is card..go to setup and try to fix the IRQ of the slot to 5,9,10,11( any of the available) and check...I think if you try these you will get solution to ur problem...

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by meridenscrafts In reply to No Sound Problem

Hi I have done this many times, find out the name of your sound card. Go online,type in, type in the name of your sound card. download the drivers to a floppy disk. Then go to install new hard ware. look for sound. then when it looks for the drivers, put in floppy disk. go to A:drive. install drivers reboot. and there you go.

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by jardinier In reply to No Sound Problem

The sound options may not have been selected during the original installation.

Go to Settings: Control Panel: Add/Remove Programs: and select Windows Setup.

Highlight "Multimedia" and click on "Details." Some audio options may not be installed, and will need to be installed from you original Windows 98 disc.

Do this by placing the CD in the drive, highlight "Multimedia" as described above, and then "Details." Check any boxes relating to multimedia which are not currently checked.

This is only one possibility why you are getting no sound, but simple enough to check first.

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