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No Standby in XP?

By kcargill ·
Installed XP Pro to dual boot with Win98. In "Turn Off PC" I have Hibernate, Turn Off and Restart but no Standby. If I disable Hibernate Standby is visible but greyed out and not selectable. I have APM enabled in Windows and ACPI enabled in BIOS. Standby OK in Win98. Running 600MHz Athlon on Asus K7M m/b. Had some problems with XP drivers for SB Live1024 soundcard, Mustek 1200C USB scanner and Rockwell 56K modem which are now resolved. I still suspect it's a driver issue but don't know what. Have posted this to various ng's including Microsoft's own but no luck so far. Any suggestions welcome.

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No Standby in XP?

by TheChas In reply to No Standby in XP?

If memory serves me correctly, the K7M has a hybrid chipset. That is one chip on the motherboard is from AMD, and the other from VIA.

I recommend that you begin by installing the latest Northbridge, and Southbridge drivers from the respective Chip mfgs.

I have a K7M-RM, and the northbridge is an AMD 751.
The southbridge is a VIA VT82C686.

So, you need AMD's AGP mini-port driver.
And VIA's IDE bus driver.


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No Standby in XP?

by kcargill In reply to No Standby in XP?

Thanks for the reply. I have dld the AMD AGP Miniport driver for XP but Via site refers me back to Asus site where there is an AMD Bus Master IDE Driver v1.40G for Win NT40/2000/XP and a VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Driver,which says "Also for Unix andWin", no specific mention of XP. Both are listed for the K7M How do I know which is the right one, should I just set a "Restore" point and try both? I have also updated to latest available BIOS flash.

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