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no streaming video in browser

By MemphisDan ·
On two PCs one with XP Pro the other Win2000, both fully patched and updated I.E. 6, I have updated to current versons on Windows Media Player and Real Player. Macromedia 8.
Videos will play fine in the stand alone mode of both players; but both will not play streaming video from web sites like MSN, CNN, etc.
Both PCs have been throughly scanned for spyware and viruses.

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by BFilmFan In reply to no streaming video in bro ...

Are these corporate PCs behind a firewall that is blocking streaming media ports?

Need some more details to be of any real assistance.

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by MemphisDan In reply to no streaming video in bro ...

These are corporate PC behind a firewall, but I have 70 other PCs on the same network that do streaming video fine. A mix of Win2000 and XP pro.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to no streaming video in bro ...

OK so others are working in the same environment.

Firstly do these 2 offending machines have a different Software Load on them?

Do they have the same type of User Accounts as the other computers on the network?

Does this problem persist if you log on as Admin?

All things being equal it is most likely a Software Issue where the video is being stepped by a piece of conflicting software. This would be the most likely answer if everything else is working properly.

If it isn't however have you run the AV & Spy Ware scans in Safe Mode? If you haven't boot these machines into Safe Mode and rerun the scans until they come up as clean and don't rely on just 1 Spy Ware/Male Ware Scanner use a couple of different ones just to be on the safe side.

I would also make sure that these machines are working on the same Group Policy that the rest are as well as that could be a contributing factor and if you are running an AD Environment that they are in it with the same settings as the rest of the computers.


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No Streaming Video

by dbaus In reply to no streaming video in bro ...

You have described my identical situation. I am running XP and have upgrade to Media Player 11 beta and back to 9. Mine also plays only in stand alone mode..... Looks like it may be related to an IE problem but I have no idea what.... hopefully we will get the answer soon......

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