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No such partition grub rescue

By Tyharo ·
Ive had ubuntu set as a dual boot on my laptop for a while now, but i found out that i had a second sata port for another driver. So i deleted the ubuntu partition and extended the windows 7 one to take the whole driver. When I restarted i got an error saying "error: no such partition" How do I fix my boot record to boot windows 7 and not ubuntu? I have no window 7 CD only the recovery discs ive made.

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by Tyharo In reply to No such partition grub re ...

Ive reinstalled ubuntu so I am able to use windows again but I would still like to remove ubuntu without having this boot problem. How could I fix this?

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Where is the Primary Boot Partition?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No such partition grub re ...

So basically that means which OS was Installed First?

The Primary Boot Partition is on that Partition and contains Primary Boot Files including the Grub Loader which gives you the option to use either Ubuntu or 7. Those are the files that need to be maintained and edited to get rid of the Boot to Ubuntu or 7 Option that should first appear. If you delete that partition and the files on it there is no way to recover except reload the system.

This Article may be of some use to you in how to edit the Grub.



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Fix the boot record?

by seanferd In reply to No such partition grub re ...

You did back up the boot record when you installed Ubuntu on the same drive as 7, right? No? Well use your rescue disk and fix the boot record, then. Instructions available all over the place, including in the Windows recovery mode.

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do as stated above

by markp24 In reply to No such partition grub re ...
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Choosing your boot OS

by james.vandamme In reply to No such partition grub re ...

Go to the Ubuntu Software Center, install StartUp-Manager. It lets you choose the default OS, delay, splash screen. The icon looks like a little crescent wrench, and is just as useful.
And, please explain "second sata port for another driver" and why you wanted to get rid of Ubuntu.

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