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no support for operating systems give away

By danerd ·
hi to all, i find it hard to believe that microsoft can stop support for its older operating systems eg windows 95 98 me etc and still not allow them to be available for free, i mean if it is not supported then it becomes like abandon ware, i think that being the case, microsoft should be forced to either support these systems or give them up, i mean talk about having your cake and eating it.

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Please, find me something that says things have to be legal AND logical

by Deadly Ernest In reply to no support for operating ...

the laws says they can, so they do.

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by santeewelding In reply to Please, find me something ...

The "law" is silent on that.

I was more chuckling and dismissive of his, "should be forced to".

Okay. What, specifically?

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by danerd In reply to No

yeah i concede that trying to force microsoft is a bit ambitous, but you can see where i am coming from, its a bit of " dog in the manger thing"

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Who does the forcing?

by NickNielsen In reply to no support for operating ...

What do they force? How much does it cost us?

Government is implied as the force in your statement "should be forced to." Do you really want that or do you just want something you don't have to pay cash for?

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by danerd In reply to Who does the forcing?

microsoft by not supporting its older os is giving signals that it has no interest in them so all i am saying is if you dont support them then it seems that you have no interest in them,let them go, as for forcing microsoft i agree that would be ambitous.

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Oh, they still have an interest in it

by NickNielsen In reply to forced

That interest is to keep milking the cash cow until it dies completely...sometime in the next century.

Since they are no longer supporting the OS, but still selling it (, any sales are pure profit.

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i think it is sad

by danerd In reply to Oh, they still have an in ...

that such a rich company has this attitude regarding their old systems, but as you say they will milk the cow for all its worth, well into the 22nd century.shame shame.

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Still Selling?

by TheChas In reply to Oh, they still have an in ...

While you can still find new unopened copies of Windows 98, 2000 and XP, Microsoft has stopped selling the retail versions of all of the supplanted versions of Windows and Office.

What you find at various retailers and software resellers is the residual copies that were in the distribution pipeline. Microsoft made it's money on the copies that are available years ago.

Microsoft tried to shut down distribution of even the OEM versions of XP over a year ago. There was such a howl of indignation and demand for XP that the OEM version is still being distributed. As a last sting, Microsoft is forcing the OEM companies who choose to still offer XP with their systems to charge a premium for XP.

Microsoft wants XP gone for good in 4 years when it reaches end of life. It will be interesting to see what happens after Microsoft shuts down the XP activation servers. Anyone who does not have a corporate license for XP should pay close attention to the news from Microsoft in 2014 and make sure that they perform a clean install on what will be their last XP system before the activation servers are shut off.

Not only does activation help limit multiple installations from one copy of Windows, it also provides Microsoft a means to prevent you from having a running system in the future.

Think about it, if you have to format and reinstall XP every 30 days when activation is no longer available, how long will it be until you give in and buy a newer version of Windows?

True, Microsoft will not shut down running activated systems. But once the activation servers are off-line, you won't be able to do a refresh of your system.

Even more fun, a version of Windows ages, Microsoft removes the updates and patches from the file server. I'm pretty sure that Windows Update no longer functions for Windows 95, 98 or Me.


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in other words

by danerd In reply to Still Selling?

they ( microsoft ) have us by the short and curlies, isnt it sad to see how one corporation can have so much power, in other words they can try and force us to keep on updating and updating,doesnt sound very moral to me, perhaps a shift to linux might be the way to go eh.

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"very" moral?

by santeewelding In reply to in other words

Maybe that is what is at the seat of your problem.

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