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No USB Ports Working Now!

By lantonior80 ·
Hello all! I had the same problem as Mike described here: http://techrepublic.com.com/5206-6230-0.html;jsessionid=valDq3tRbtbG36dobr?forumID=56&threadID=165589&start=0
Basically, my printer wouldn't work, but all my usb ports were fine. I went to HP's website and got online support. HP's tech had me perform all the susggestions described in Mikes thread above, the last of which was going into device manager and deleting HID and/or Composite USB and, if I'm not mistaken, USB Peripheral devices as well since I don't see it there either. Apparantly the computer was supposed to refresh itself, but it didn't, and now none of my USB Ports work. The Tech said sorry and left me on my own. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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by dawgit In reply to No USB Ports Working Now!

What operating system are you useing?

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No USB Ports Working Now!

by lantonior80 In reply to Question:

I'm using Windows XP. I've tried using Windows' tool to recover last known good settings, but i doesn't work with any of the checkpoints available.

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go into the bios

by Jesus_C In reply to No USB Ports Working Now!

and make sure that the ports are all enabled.Some times when the system gets a shock the bios will go to restricted settings registering all your ports useless.Then reinstall all the chipset drivers from your sourse disk or the website

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