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No USB support

By lday610 ·
I have a machine that is running windows ME. I'm not sure but, when I first got it put together I loaded my motherboard drivers and my OS with devices connected to the USB ports, now it won't recognize any other devices. what should I do to correct this problem?

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by queen1 In reply to No USB support

ACPI active can be the source of problems in Win ME. Windows ME automatically installs in ACPI mode if an ACPI BIOS is detected. Unfortunately, Win ME does NOT handle ACPI very well and IRQ sharing with this OS is problematic. If USB is sharing its IRQ with IRQ Holder for ACPI Steering and several other devices you will need to install the OS in APM mode as outlined below.

Reinstall Windows by starting the system using the boot floppy with CDROM support.

From the A prompt start Windows from the CDROM

\setup /p i when \ is the drive letter of the floppy.

If your hard drive is running from a High Point, Promise or ATA 66 or 100 controller, the drive will not be recognized at bootup and you will need to come back a letter.

A clean reinstall is recommended

Here a good link:

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by 1 Sane Nerd@Work In reply to No USB support

have u check ur bios? is usb enabled?

in control panel>system devices, remove all problem devices and then click refresh to reload the devices. u may need to provide the drivers once again and override those found by windows by your drivers in cd OR diskette.

also load latest chipset intel or via into Me.

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