No video

By sunshinenews2000-web ·
No video, I have installed a PCI video card (tested).
I disabled built-in AGP by setting J11 jumper to 1-2 (what I think is
1-2). I have installed new memory (not tested) and hard drive. There is no audible post. The monitor,keyboard and mouse works OK on another PC and the CD-rom drive has power. No activity from HD. I unplugged and held power switch for 30 secs and I just removed battery. I will replace it in 24 hrs. I my motherboard fried?
Please help. Thanks
etower 333i

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Are you sure?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to No video

I hope your jumper is the correct one. Usually the built-in video is managed from the settings in BIOS where you can specify which one is the primary source for video. I have had to turn off the built-in video and install a PCI video card a number of times when working around the problem where the on-board video has gone haywire.

If you have a working PC, test the hard drive there. If you can test the component parts of the PC one by one, you should be able to isolate the problem.

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There should be

by Jesus_C In reply to No video

no jumperr for the agp card.Its controlled in the bios.There is a jumper for the bios so basically your defaulting back to the on board card.Leave the jumper and do it from the bios

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No Video

by sunshinenews2000-web In reply to There should be

My dilema is I have no video, therefore I cannot access the BIOS. The jumper setting for AGP came from Emachine web site. There is an option to "Disable built-in AGP" and "Enable built-in AGP (Default)". Since my problem was no video, I thought I'd try a tested PCI video card, thinking when I installed the card in the PCI slot, it would automatically disable integreted video. Still no video, so I tried the jumper settings. To no avail.

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bad board

by CG IT In reply to No Video

if you tried a known good PCI graphics card and that didn't work, tried a known good AGP card and that didn't work, if the board has a built in VGA display and that doesn't work

then chances are the board is bad.

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